It’s Good to be… Rick Nash

Last night, my hockey/lumberjack boyfriend scored his 300th NHL goal.

Rick Nash was all…


And I was all…

Then Rick Nash scored his 301st career goal.

He was all…


And I was all…

Flyers did managed to score two goals – including one that one off of Jake Voracek’s face – but alas it was not enough.

As expected, Nashty got the Broadway Hat.  Just me or is that hat looking a little worse for wear?


Also, I LOVE the way he always just glances back at the camera as if to say “Hey Chuck.  I see you there.” His eyes stare into my soul.

In other game notes…

  • John Tortorella is a winner.  Not only did he get his 400th NHL win but he also re-energized the Rangers’ offence with a little Cupid Shuffle.  Torts moved Derek Stepan in center with Nash and Ryan Gosling Carl Hagelin on the wings.  The result? Four of the five Rangers goals.
  • Nash might have got the milestone goal but Stepan was by far the Rangers’ best player on the ice.  He was everywhere and all up in the game like Pooh up in the honey pot.
  • Inigo better get it together.  And soon.  Judging from the in-game interview that Tortorella gave during the 2nd period, I get the distinct feeling that the Fonz is not particularly pleased with the way that Brian Boyle has been playing.  Then they cut to Boyle looking all sad panda on the bench. Could a healthy scratch be coming soon?
  • Taylor Pyatt is still foxy.

  • Wayne Simmons is one tough BAMF.  Not only did he take a puck to face earlier in the game that required stitches, but then in the 3rd, he got clipped AGAIN in the face by Brian Boyle’s errant stick.  Wayne Simmons was all….

At 16-13-3, the Rangers have 35 points, but are still languishing toward the bottom of the Eastern Conference (two points ahead of the ninth-place New York Islanders.)  Perhaps these new line combinations will reinvigorate the streaky Rangers’ offense. The Rangers will visit the Ottawa Senators on Thursday.

For the Flyers, the outlook looks bleak.  The loss, combined with the Tampa Bay Lightning’s 2-0 win against the Buffalo Sabres, dropped the Flyers (13-17-2) into 14th place in the East. With Briere out with a concussion and Bryzgalov’s inconsistency, the malaise that has plagued the Flyers all season does not look to be going away any time soon. The Flyers host the Islanders, Boston Bruins and Washington Capitals later this week.

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  1. Pants Reply

    I don’t know who is better, Rick Nash or Jennifer Lawrence. If I had a Patronus, I’d want it to look like her.

    Every time I think of the Flyers struggles, I remember that time Lindsay texted me: “I want to buy a Giroux shirzee then watch them lose every single game.” That about sums it up.

    • Both are equally awesome, but I have major girl crush on Jennifer Lawrence. She’s the best! The gifs of her that populate tumblr are amazeballs.

  2. “Like Pooh in the honeypot” – this is now going to be a staple metaphor for me. I’m also a fan of that awkward way that Nash keeps looking into the camera. It’s weird and adorable at the same time.

    Last night was all kinds of outstanding. I want to watch that game about 20 more times.

    You left out Richards’ 250th goal. And it was a power play goal! At the rate the Rangers score on the PP, Richie will get another 250 before we get another one…

    With Zuccarello coming back, Boyler is slated to get some serious quality time in the press box if he doesn’t step it up.

    The hat last night looked a lot like last season’s hat (that was lost) rather than this season’s hat. There’s been much speculating around here that they may have finally found it. Could it be that we’re getting last season’s mojo back??

  3. After 2 separate trips to DC to try and [fail to] see Mr. 300 goals play with the Blue Jackets, this game was heaven. I don’t honestly know how I made it through pregame skate without hyperventilating.

    As a Flyers fan, at least I had Rick Nash to redeem what was otherwise a waste of a $90 ticket.

    I think I’m still swooning