Mikey Monday: Hashtag

Last night, Mike and the Caps really wanted you to tag your Tweets.


I don’t think “I miss hedgehog, fidgety, Jersey Shore-style Mike Green but at least this guy has a manicure. *P  #CapsNYR” is what they were after.

They could have gone with #CutYourHair or #DontYouMissWhenIWasHot or… I’ll stop.  Mike did have a goal in Friday’s rout of Winnipeg – an old fashioned slapshot from the point reminiscent of his “Game Over” days (at the 2:57 mark).  Remember those?  Aren’t they gorgeous enough?


More please and you can keep the hair!  Too late for this, though:

game over

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  1. Can we add #StopGettingStupidTattoos into the mix?