Foxy Friday: Chris Higgins

As desperately as we might have tried, we cannot ignore Chris Higgins.

I mean, he’s a Canuck, for pete’s sake.  AND a Montreal Canadien. These alone make our skin crawl.  It fills us with the fire of a thousands suns.  It makes us rage like a Desperate Housewife who has drank up all her chardonnay and has no alimony money left to buy more.

But for today (and only today) do we put aside our blinding hatred and name Chris Higgins from the Vancouver Canucks this week’s Foxy Friday.

Chris Higgins is 100% Foxy.  Here’s how we break it down.

85% – Abs.  Those glorious, perfect, mantacular abs.

 We feel like Emma Stone in “Crazy, Stupid Love” when she sees Ryan Gosling with his shirt off.

8% – Beard.

7% – Smile and overall adorableness.

Obviously, he has some hockey skills too, but we wouldn’t know.

We’re too distracted.

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  1. Macy Reply

    I love the “Ain’t nobody got…I got a little time!” because it’s the truth.

  2. Pants Reply

    There is never a better joke than one involving chardonnay. Never!

    Between those abs and that smile, no one is safe.

  3. Ashley Reply

    as long as he doesn’t start wearing any of that new bauer base-layer and hiding those glorious abs.

    • Kitkat Reply