Mikey Monday: Oh my dear sweet WTH are you doing?

Good news – Mike is traveling with the Caps!  He went to Carolina & Boston, and will make the four game trip that starts today. No word on when Bubble Boy might play, but at least he’s around for photos.

From Ovi’s Twitter:

mike2 I love these dorks, though I don’t understand what they’re so happy about (this was before Boston/Carolina, so forgiveness may be granted.).

Other news – these pictures.  Decide for yourself if it’s good or bad because I am in hysterics.  Can I have NO opinion and EVERY opinion all that the same time?

Is this real life?


I presume these are from Mike’s recently-made-public Instagram.  I’d look for more but I’m so afraid of what I’ll find.  It makes me question everything, like what is life?  What is conditioner?  Do you think he uses that WEN dry shampoo from the infomercials?

mike4 I flat-out screamed.  Explaining why to my coworkers was on the awkward side of impossible.

I need to coin a phrase for how all this make me feel.  Flail-safe?  It’s somewhere between “fail-safe”  (as in impossible to mess up) and “I spazzed out and tossed my laptop in the sink?”


I need a moment.  It’s so good to see them together though!  Ovi’s really helping out Mikey Monday with his Tweets about Carolina man-dates.

ovi2 Cardigan.  I have to stop.

 Soundtrack to this post: Flight of the Conchords, “Most Beautiful Girl in the Room.”  Depending on the street, would he definitely be in the top three?


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  1. NCCaniac42 Reply

    Oh look North Hills in Raleigh.

  2. God, that airplane photo. It’s like Argo all over again.

  3. I’m not even a little ashamed that I picked my phone up in the middle of this post to follow him on instagram. He was previously too cool to accept my follow request.

  4. MS Reply

    Please, please, please … cut the hair!!!

  5. Teri Reply

    Sweet Baby Jesus

  6. Sue Reply

    The hair is still terrible. It looks like he could hide a small animal in it.

  7. I know I am missing the point, but I love that you can tell that Troy Brouwer is the only married man in that photo on account of his sweater. Unmarried men do not buy sweaters that colour for themselves.

  8. Deb Reply

    I think Mike is going for the “Tanger hair” and “look” in the photos where is alone. Mike needs a haircut!!

  9. Trr Reply

    Ummmm his instagram is public now?! Gah now I can’t find it. Figures 🙁

  10. Renee Reply

    Hahha. Love Nicky’s sorority squat. He’s such a goober, I love him.

    • Whats his instagram handle? I cant find it