Love Me, Love Me

I’m sorry this happened against Chuck’s Bruins, but there is nothing better than a joyous hockey hug.


Bonus Neal’s face. Sid looks the same. I also looked that way, silently freaking out in a hotel lobby.



Update (thanks Alison): Action hug gif.


I love that Crosby is this happy for his guys – especially a new guy who came in on a trade for such a fan favorite, who had so much pressure on him.  Look at these faces.  I love this team.

PS: I almost wrote “I love that my captain…” but that makes even me want to barf.  I still mean it.

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  1. Heather Reply

    The post is available, but 2 images didn’t attach/show up. Some genius person also did a GIF of the hug & it is AMAZEBALLS! 🙂 I can tweet it & tag you if you want.

    HOLY COMEBACK, Heart Attack kids!!! What a game! So proud of the boys for not giving up, even when they couldn’t BUY a goal. Love my Pens!!!

  2. God the way Sid GRABBED Sutter in the hug? AMAZEBALLS. I’m sorry Jess but for now…Sideney Crosby, you are my number one. Jonathan Toews…#2.

  3. I don’t think I’ve gone more than 5 minutes this morning without looking at the pictures/gifs/videos of this hug. It is just too precious. And I wish I was part of it.

  4. canuckles Reply

    links to the hug gifs?

  5. Don’t lie. You aren’t sorry.

  6. Brittany Reply

    As much as I love Chuck and our shared love of Rick Nashty, nothing is better than this. Sidney Crosby is the primary source of my happiness, now that Geno is out. I watched that hug gif for a solid 10 minutes just now.