Faraway, So Close!

Last night the Flyers and Sabres each played their 24th games, marking the halfway point of the 2013 regular season.  The rest of the teams will cross that number shortly.  Can you believe it’s halfway over?

north pole

After missing hockey for so long, this season has run me over like a truck. During the lockout I dreamed of idly watching Panthers vs. Maple Leafs games and blissfully not caring about the score.

toews sharp

Now I’m lucky to catch most of the Caps and Penguins games.  Forget anyone else.  I put the GCL game audio on my phone and use it like a car radio.  I watch old games online – entire games, not highlights.

You can find me in front of the TV eating an avocado with a spoon because, like last night, there’s no time to make dinner.


I’m completely stressed over missing 99% of the Blackhawks incredible run, the Flyers struggling, Teemu Selanne’s (maybe?) last season, JStaal and Intern Jeff Skinner magic, the Schultz/Yakupov rookie year… and whatever else I haven’t seen!  I must look like:


I don’t know if Rick Nash fits in with the Rangers. I don’t know if the Flyers will trade Briere so I can stop hiding this love.  I don’t know how Jeff Carter has 15 goals! Or what happened to Phil Kessel’s scoring?!


I can barely squeeze out minutes to write anything smart, or funny, or at all.  The NHL season reminds me it’s not easy being…


So help a girl out.  What has surprised you this season?  What has disappointed?

Give me your best…


and your worst…


Your smiles…


and frowns…


Your fist bumps…




and stumbles.


All right down the middle, and we’ll see how it unfolds over the second half.  Tell me what to watch, so I don’t miss it all before it’s over.


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  1. Sue Reply

    My biggest surprise has been Kaner. Patrick Kane is having an unbelievable year. Everything is coming together for him. I am one of the fortunate ones that gets to see all the Hawks games. Watching hockey has never been so much fun for a Hawks fan. These guys truly believe they can win any game. I also love that Coach Q still tells it like it is, “We played terrible the first period.”

    I am a bit disappointed in the Oilers. They seem to be loaded with talent yet are still struggling.

  2. Beth Reply

    Rick Nash is fitting in just fine with the Rangers 🙂 Just watch this video of his two goals against the Universe last night.

    • Kaitlin Reply

      ::flyers fan wanders off to sob in the corner:: Actually, I wasn’t feeling well so I went to bed super early. Which was clearly a solid life choice. Any word on Marc Staal in Rangers country? We in Flyers fandom haven’t heard anything and are anxiously awaiting news and keeping our fingers and toes crossed hoping that it wasn’t half as bad as it looked.

      • The eye doctor and the facial bone doctor think that Staal will recover from the face injury fine, which is great news. There is currently no announced timeline for his return. But given his concussion record, there is concern that the impact of the shot could bring some of those issues back. Obviously the last 2 points are of great concern to Rangers fans.

        On a lighter note, Nash has been an absolute stud (except for those few games he was out when the team was awful). I am personally looking for answers as to why we wasn’t at Casino Night. Not that I was there, but I was hoping to see Nasher all dressed up with the boys. This year the fashion was a little more understated than in previous years, but Boyle was sporting some pretty sweet purple velvet shoes. He must have some kind of Costanza-like velvet fetish – last year he was rocking a burgundy velvet jacket.

        Pix here: http://blueshirtsunited.com/photos/2642/casino-night-the-collection#.UTgI9jfm6mw

        Also, Chicago: stop hogging all the wins!

        • Kaitlin Reply

          Thanks for the update! Glad to hear the prognosis is good so far. I hope it stays good!!!!!!!!

          Ah Casino Night. I think it should be mandatory for all NHL teams…

          • Heather

            The Penguins do Skates & Plates annually – where the boys dress in tuxes and serve dinner to fans on the floor at CEC. It’s also a fundraiser for the Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation, the Mario Lemieux Foundation and the Western Pennsylvania chapter of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. http://penguins.nhl.com/club/news.htm?id=658753

          • The downside of Casino Night is that tix are crazy expensive ($500-$2000). Someday…

          • Kaitlin

            And I think the Kings do something too… but still, it should be a league wide initiative…

            Definitely out of my price range but I can appreciate the pictures and save my pennies.

  3. This whole season. THIS WHOLE SEASON. I never thought I’d say this but BLESS THE LOCKOUT. Because now I LOVE HOCKEY AGAIN. Now I appreciate EVERY game again. I never knew what I had before, and every moment is a blessing. I’m savouring every moment because of how it was taken from us and am truly appreciative now that we have it back – it’s a whole new lease on hockey life. This might be the best season EVER.

  4. This year’s crop of rookies are great. Tarasenko, Conacher, JSchultz, Yakupov, Huberdeau, Hamilton.. just to name a few. So many potential Calder candidates! And I think it’s great that it’s not just the top draft picks that are getting people talking. Hopefully Tarasenko will be coming back soon from injury. He was playing so, so well for the Blues.

    But the one problem with rookies.. when I remember their average age and then start feeling like Matthew McConaughey in Dazed and Confused.. “That’s what I like about these NHL rookies. I get older, they stay the same age.”

    (Big thanks to Conacher for being 23 and JSchultz for being 22 and upping the average rookie age this season.)

  5. Ashley Reply

    top notch reference to the “i’m so excited” saved by the bell episode. there is no time! its almost every day that i’m racing out of work to try to make it home before the puck drops. and i have been totally shamless when anyone tries to make plans with me… lots of things like “want to get dinner wednesday night?”–“sure, but only if we go somewhere that will have the game on.” or “want to come over on friday after work?”–“sure, but only if you get the MSG channels”. i’m just a junkie like jessie trying to get my hockey fix.

  6. OH. Also.. you are probably aware of these already, but I can’t even handle all the trade rumours that are starting to surface! Are the Pens REALLY trying make a trade for Jack Johnson happen? Would Iginla accept a trade to the Pens? And if Iggy and JJ are both options for the Pens.. WHICH ONE OF HIS BROMANCES DOES SIDNEY WANT TO BE HIS NEW TEAMMATE? His Golden Goal assister or his SSM baseball and hockey buddy?

    Will Alfie and Chara be reunited on the Bruins? Does anyone even want/need Luongo anymore?