Meanwhile, in Canada…

It’s not my fault I’ve seen this commercial a hundred times.  It’s on during the break in every Canadian telecast!  Canada, I love you.

Also, today is Max Talbot’s birthday.  I forget about Max for stretches of time (blinded by the orange), but he deserves some birthday attention.


Why are John Tavares and Matt Duchene in the dark?  Along with the hint that Matt was not fully dressed yet, you may want to leave that light off.


Max, why are you late?  Tavares is never late for anything in his life… except, you know, winning because he’s stuck on the Islanders.

I bet he dreams of Rick Nash now.

jt91 .gifs by

What is this gym – a place where Dexter kills people?  Why are workout videos these days all filmed on the set of CSI?

Alas, on to the good stuff.  Pushing…


Pulling. Dropping.


If there’s something worse than burpees, I have not met it.  Matty looks way too enthusiastic about this and his forearms are incredible.  One pull-up takes the dork right out of him.

If I did a push up that low, it would only result in:


Tell me that smile doesn’t sum up everything about Max Talbot.


Come on kids. Max is 29 now, you can’t let him outwork you!

Kudos to Max for being a jerk and leaving the Penguins, then having career-high everythings in Philadelphia.  Now he’s even got an endorsement deal!


I’m proud of him.  He’ll always be this guy in my book.


And this one.

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  1. Oh Max…….French. I still haven’t forgiven you for your transgressions, er, going to the Flyers. WHY COULDN’T IT HAVE BEEN ANY OTHER TEAM??

    I know it’s better for him there blah blah blah – but I miss you Max. I do. Sad panda is sad. I guess I’ll just have to come visit you in Philly and pretend to like the Flyers. Which isn’t feeling so challenging anymore. Thanks to Pants. It’s all her fault.

  2. That locker room looks like something out of a James Bond or X-Men movie. Some super secret lair where they train assasins or kids with mutant powers. I keep waiting for Patrick Stewart to roll out of the shadows and say something wizen and profound.

    Love Dutchie, he of perpetually rosy cheeks. My cheeks get like that, especially after a few glass of wine.

    I can’t do a burpee…but I kind of want to just to say I did one.

  3. carter Reply

    That smile is exactly what Maxime looks like after he rolls over, just saying.

  4. Diana Jones Reply

    I’m mad they holding up the Illuminati sign. Beyonce just received major criticism for doing the same during her Superbowl performance. Looks like Max really did join “the dark side” when he left the pens.:(

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