Foxy Friday: Viktor Fasth

This week, we honor Viktor Fasth, goaltender for the Anaheim Ducks.

Fasth has burst onto the NHL scene in this shortened as the back-up to Jonas Hiller in Anaheim.  Initially, Fasth wasn’t expected to play much but instead has dominated in a most unexpected way.

The Ducks are on a winning streak and the rookie goaltender is 4-0 as a starter.   This week, he got his first NHL shut-out with a 3-0 blanking of the Colorado Avalanche.

fasth, viktor - baseball hat

Fasth leads the league with an infinitesimal GAA and impressive save percentage.  In fact, he’s allowed only 4 goals this season and the Ducks are currently 1st in the Pacific Division and off to their best start since they won the Stanley Cup in 2007.  This upsets my cousin Tom and WUYS Contributor, Aaron very much. (They are both Kings fans).

fasth, viktor - stats

Coach Bruce Boudreau has a problem that every NHL coach would kill to have – two great goaltenders, playing well, and winning games.

No doubt that Fasth is a goalie to watch this season, but there are a few other reasons why he is deserving of this honor

  • His name is seriously cool – Erik Sixten Viktor Fasth.  This is not the name of a hockey player. This is the name of a Swedish prince.  Also, his last name amuses us.  No lack of “Fasth and the Furious” puns here.  (Side note: Pants is WICKED excited about the new Fast & Furious movie. Like seriously. She loves her some Paul Walker for eva and eva.
  • He was born in 1982, which makes him 30 years old. Age-appropriate, ya’ll.
  • He has perfected his “Hey Gurl” face.

fasth, viktor - hey gurl face

  • He must protect his house. Always.
  • The hair.  The hair alone is worth the honor.  He seems to have been diligently studying Mike Green and James Neal post game video clips (and this blog) in an effort to achieve that perfect “undone, yet perfectly done” look that we so admire.  Mission Accomplished.

fasth, viktor - hair

fasth, viktor - mask off 1

  •  Again, the hair.  And also the suit.  And the face. What is it with these Swedish people?  Sweden is like an alternate universe were all citizens have been genetically engineered to have perfect hair and have impeccable style.

fasth, viktor - photo montage

Well there you have it – Sweden wins again.

We love this beautiful country.

Not only for its affordable, yet slightly infuriating to assemble furniture, but more so for their ability to produce countless Foxy Fridays.

Keep ’em coming, Sweden.

Love Sweden

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  1. Caitlin Reply

    Shea Weber meets Kevin Bacon

    • Pants Reply

      I was thinking “the lead singer from Fun, with hair by Conan O’Brien.”

  2. Wax Reply

    No, I’m sorry, but no Swedish prince would even be called Sixten. That is the name of a middle-aged dyspeptic author of prose-poetry.

    That said, Erik and Viktor are perfectly cromulent prince names. Maybe the Sixten is there to show he’s a Man of the People. Or it was his grampa from Småland.

    Hälsningar från Åbo

  3. Deb Reply

    Swedes. Siiiiiiiiigh.

  4. Melissa Reply

    Thank you from an Anaheim Ducks fan! Viktor Fasth is my newest goalie crush and he just keeps getting better!