Damn It, Danny.

Time for my daily existential Danny Briere-related crisis.

The Caps are so frustratingly bad right now that I swore I would not go tonight’s game.  Despite taking 8 penalties in the first 34 minutes of last night’s match vs. Toronto, they managed to drag a one goal lead into the third period… and still blew it.  The postmortem is here – you’ve been warned.


So I’m boycotting.  Save money, right?  Make sound financial decisions while being warm and well fed in the comfort of my own home?

Trouble is, tonight is against the Flyers.


Pam is right, of course.  I’m so weak!  To make matters worse, the Flyers have conspired against me.


Danny will play on on Claude’s line tonight [link].

Supposedly it’s an attempt to kickstart the Flyers anemic offense, which is averaging just 2 goals per game and currently ranked 26th overall.  Last year’s leading goal scorer Scott Hartnell is out 4-6 weeks with a broken foot.  No Philly player has over 5 total points.  They’re 2-5 on the year.

Okay, it’s bad.  But it’s still just a cover story to make this possible…


… and to make sure I have to go.  What does Claude think of this?

girouxgif .gif by firedupflyeredup.tumblr.com

It’s Date Night in DC.  [Giroux interviewBriere interview]

The trouble is that I don’t want the Flyers hugging!  Not against the Caps, not against anyone – except the Rangers, and then I feel a general, tidal sort of rage that could swamp anyone in it’s path.

I don’t want to see a ‘strolling across your devastated defense’ arm-in-arm…


Or a ‘nice try, Jeff Schultz’ fist-bump…

Flyers' Briere congratulates Giroux for his goal against the Canadiens during the second period of their NHL hockey game in Philadelphia

Nothing.  Not even reenacting this best gif ever:


Can the Caps get it together?  Neuvirth was the one bright spot last night – he stopped a few beauties, kept his team in the game.  Perhaps it’s the right recipe: the Caps biggest strength in goal vs. the Flyers biggest weakness on offense.

At 1-5-1 on the season, the Caps need something to go right.  Tonight kicks off a 3-game home stand that includes the Penguins on Sunday (whoop!) and a rematch with Toronto.  Tonight could be the night.


That’s what I’ll be telling myself later, from the Flyers side of the pre-game skate.

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  1. Ha! As IF you’ll be cheering for the Caps tonight, Pants! When Danny and Giroux are together, it’s like kryptonite. What were you saying the other night about high heels?
    Make sure you wear some tonight to the game. 🙂

  2. hahaha thanks for the screencap! You know I’m right. If I could scoot my boot down there for tonight I’d be there with orange and black bells and whistles! (while wearing my Greenie ASG shirt underneath) I’m ashamed to say despite the Caps “whoomp whoooomp” start of a season, the Flyers are not much better. They will either take over the Verizon Center or crash miserably. There seems to almost be no middle ground.

    And ok, I know you don’t want the Flyers to hug, but you know you want a Brioux hug. Even if it’s just a, “hey, baby, you did really well on dat shift.” Either way, I’ll be crying tonight.

  3. Michelle Gerdano Reply

    My daughter and her Flyers fan boyfriend will be on that same side of pre-game skate hopefully getting beautiful close up pix of Claude! You simply have to go tonight, pants. That gorgeous ginge and his bromance are must-sees. And the Flyers are only a smidge below us on the sucking scale.

    • Pants Reply

      I bought a ticket. Wah waaaaaaaaaaaah!

  4. Phillip Minato Reply

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