Birthday Boy: Tyler Seguin

January 31, 2013.

The day we’ve all been waiting patiently for.

The day we’ll all feel slightly less creepy staring at photos of men 10+ years younger than us.

Today is Tyler Seguin’s birthday.

And not just any birthday, but his 21st birthday.

Shots of Patron for everybody!

Oh lord, help us all.

People of Boston and the world…you have been warned.

Today, as we pause to celebrate Mr. Seguin and his inescapable charm , let us reflect on all the good times he’s had…

Like that time he won a Stanley Cup in his 1st NHL season…


Like that time he got that sleeve tattoo and raised his BAMF rating with a 7 (out of 10)…

Like that time he finally passed his road test…

Like that time he perfecting his imitation of a sad, disappointed baby…

Like that time he scored a salty shootout goal despite a flying hot dog…

and then scored another salty goal on the re-d0…LIKE A BOSS. 


Like that time he wore a scarf…

Like that time he officially joined Red Sox Nation…

Like that time when he learned to talk to girls…

 Like that time he found his two new spirit guides…

Like that time he actually went out in public with this haird0…

Like that time he went to Europe and fell in love…

Like that time when he spent some quality time with his sister…

Like that time he got really bored on a road trip…

Like that time he got really mad at this wall…

Like that time he got a puppy and completely obliterated our ovaries…

It’s no big secret that I’ve been a Seguinista since day 1.  Pants has finally come to her senses and joined me on the dark side.

Today, you can too.

Today is the day that you can finally come out of the closet and admit your love.

It’s okay.

We’ll be here to support you.

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  1. Casey Reply

    Chuck, I too have loved TSegs from Day 1. I feel slightly better about my obsession with this kid, now an actual adult, as I am in my mid 20s….

  2. Deb Reply

    Ok, I’ll come clean. I may, sorta, like this guy. A little.

    I’d feel a lot less dirty about it if we could add a number ranging from 7-10 to his age.

    Happy Birthday, Segs…may the Lord have mercy on your liver!

  3. I really wish that I could slow down that gif where he throws the ball at the wall, Tyler Seguin is magnificent and impossible to resist. Your constant posting about him finally convinced some time ago, or maybe it was the UA commercial, but I used to be exclusive to my beloved Blackhawks. I can’t say that anymore, you have corrupted me, and I am beyond even trying to fight it. Happy 21st to TS19, may the city of Boston forever live in fear of your antics 😛

  4. Is it wrong that I find him LESS appealing at 21? Yes, it super is. Let me explain. I think it’s because his charming idiot-teenage-boy-antics will now seem played out. Oh, who am I kidding. I cannot resist. He remains #3. In the eloquent words of my friend Diana: “I want to slap him in the face but then make out with his face.”

    Also – why is his sister on the floor of a restaurant? I have… misgivings about her.

  5. I have no coherent thoughts after all of that. He is so damn pretty. And now I can take him to a bar!

    I hope the Seguinistas don’t get in trouble at the game tonight for the highly inappropriate signs they’ve stayed home from school today to make.

  6. Val Reply

    That’s it, I am all in…I can’t take it anymore. If I am going to be a cougar might as well make it worth my while.

    Seguinistas unite!!!

  7. jana Reply

    We all know how I feel about him. There’s not much more I can say. I’m just happy I was coherent and held my shit together when I met him last August. 🙂

  8. Deanna Reply

    I have been a Seguinista for oh so long. He’s only a year and change younger than me, but he just seems like a little frat boy, and for some reason I don’t hate it.

  9. Amy Reply

    After the UA commercial, I can safely and freely admit he is the only Bruin I would let do all things of unimaginably dirty and inappropriate things to me. I have no shame. I’m only a month older than him, so yay?

    May the city of Boston live in fear of this kid’s antics. He’s the next PKane, calling it.

    Happy birthday, TS.

  10. Rebecca Guilbert Reply

    I’ve loved him since Day 1 as well….And I feel SO.MUCH.BETTER. now that he’s 21! (although I used the “he’s legal” exuse before too, he’s just completely legal now)
    but…because I still have yet to figure this out…what exactly IS the bottom of his sleeve supposed to be…? It looks like more of a tree and whispy things and that’s all I got…

  11. omg that sad face gif! I am dying!

  12. Ashley Rake Reply

    so many thoughts. all of which are too inappropriate for me to share. thank you ladies for this feast of pictures/gifs! happy birthday tsegs!

  13. Where was I when that shirtless balcony picture was taken?
    Where ever I was, it was not the right place to be.

  14. The ball, the puppy, the two “spirit guides” (priceless), and Kaner. All in one post.

    Excuse me while I go fan myself for a minute…

  15. Melissa Reply

    In defense of everyone posting here, he looks WAY older (and even cuter) than he did when he came to Boston a few seasons ago. I’m only 5 years older than Seguin, but for what it’s worth it could be 20 years, I still feel like he’s such a baby! Looking at all of these pictures made me feel kinda dirty cuz I never found him attractive…I saved my undying affection and absurd fantasies for the McQuaids, Krejcis, Girouxs, Gaboriks, and Nashs of the NHL. I’m just going to have to pretend I never saw this…because I’m afraid I just saw little Segs in a whole new light. I think he needs to lose a front tooth so all you ladies can cool down a little bit. 😉