Last night, Bruins fans from near and far gathered at The Harp Boston to celebrate the return of the greatest sport on Planet Earth.

The event, dubbed “Hockey Resurrection Party” was hosted by our local sports radio station, couple of hockey blogs, including our friends at Days of Y’Orr and Boston sports apparel juggernaut, Boston SupahFans.


Appearances by Bruins National Anthem singer and fan fave, Rene Rancourt.  He was rocking a USA flag print vest and tuxedo and after he sang the national anthem, pumped up the crowd with his legendary fist pump.

All the people watching.  Hockey fans are a special breed.

photo (14)

Yes, that is a man with a mohawk.

photo (13)

This gentleman’s name: Big Scary Fan Guy.

photo (18)

No party is complete until you bust out the Montreal Canadiens pinata.

photo (11)

Photo ops with hockey players.

photo (17)Lyndon Byers (AKA LB)  and me

Meeting other female hockey fans who appreciated the game as much as I do.

photo (22)

photo (15)
photo (12)

Custom-made Bruins high heels

Using the guise of the blog to take picture of cute guys.

photo (21)

 I’m talking about you, tall drink of water on the right.

photo (19) And you, sir, on the left…

Bruins enforcer Shawn Thornton was also there.  From the moment he walked in the door to the moment he left [like 2 hours later], he posed for countless photos with fans.  It’s got to be exhausting to constantly have to smile and deal with those flashes all up in your eyeballs, but he did it with kindness, a smile, and a witty Irish charm.

Earlier in the day, I submitted a question for Thornton for the Q&A to be hosted by @hackswithhaggs.  And whayda ya know! They picked my question!  And he answered it!

photo (16)

My brilliant question:  If you could play on a line with any NHLer (dead or alive), who would it be & why?

ST22:  Cam Neely & Bob Probert.

[If anyone out there has video of Shawn answering last night’s question, please send it my way!]

This is a man knows which side is bread is butter on.  The people at The Harp were his “people” and by taking the time to come out, say a few words, snap a few picks, shows us that he gets it.

All in all, a great night. I’m super pumped up for tomorrow!

Hockey is BACK!


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  1. 1) I want those shoes, or a Chicago Blackhawks version thereof.

    2) Tricking cute boys into photo ops is why we are friends. I would totally date Tall Guy’s Short Friend in Blue (as long as he’s not, like, creepy short).

    3) WHYYYYY don’t I live in the same city as the sports team to which I am devoted???

    • He was short, but not creepy short. You definitely could not wear heels with him though.

  2. Deanna Reply

    “Using the guise of the blog to take picture of cute guys.” Oh Chuck, this is why we love you & this blog!

  3. Chelsea Reply

    I think the real quesiton of the night is: how did you find a Pittsburgh Pirate fan up in Boston?!?!?!? I know the Sox had a tough season, but c’mon! Impressive.

    • Apparently, he wasn’t even a Pirates fan. He just liked the hat. After he said that I was all “Ugh, I’m done with you.”

  4. Rebecca Guilbert Reply

    Ohh my friend’s niece makes a lot of those shoes! So awesome!

    And I’m so jealous, I wanted to go sooo bad, but couldn’t because of work : (

  5. The photo opp? Brilliant. Just brilliant.

    Any idea where I can track down one of those “I Survived the Lockout” shirts??

    • I think I saw them online somewhere, but can’t for the life of me remember where.