Buzz the Tower

Does the Tampa Bay Lightning team insurance cover mass heart attack when Steven Stamkos Tweets this picture?

lightningMy kind of climate crisis.

Before the close up, you have to sign a waiver saying it’s not my fault if you pass out, hit your head and prance off into an unconscious remake of Top Gun.

Shirtless – check. Beach volleyball – check. Mirrored sunglasses – check.

lightning2Wingmen (Nope, they’re both centers.)

There goes Obamacare, right down the drain, when we all show up at the ER in the same ambulance.  These guys are Canadian or Scandanavian, they already have national healthcare. [Larger version of photo]

Can someone explain why Vinny Lecavalier doesn’t age?  The only clue he’s not a robot is that robots probably tie their shorts up higher.

vinny Old photo, no difference.

If that’s not enough to make you turn up on Gator’s Florida doorstep unannounced, Nate Thompson Tweeted this photo.  The Lightning is now everyone’s favorite team, hands (and dogs) down(ward).


An hour ago, this was happening somewhere.  Like Brigadoon.  I’d wait 400 years for it to happen again.

bolts2Guest starring Teddy Purcell’s ankles

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  1. jana Reply

    The larger picture pretty much made me choke on my hot tea.

  2. I can’t be the only one that thinks that Vinny Lecavalier looks like Christian Bale, right?

  3. I always thought Florida was for retired old people…now….now I see how wrong I was.

  4. Melissa Reply

    When I started seeing these pics, I had to be physically restrained from jumping in my car & driving to Naples (1 HOUR SOUTH OF ME!!!).

    Did you see the one Purcell posted of Eric Brewer?? Nerdy cuteness. Love it.