Giroux Gets the G, er… C.

I’m swamped today, but there’s always time for this!

Claude Giroux named Captain of the Flyers

Of course, you know that already [Press Release].  Personally I would have gone with Briere (shocking).  Can our Flyer fan friends weigh on Claude’s locker room leadership type?  It’s certainly good marketing sense to make your highest profile player captain – see Crosby, Toews, Landeskog.


I hope someone pranks him by putting a G on his jersey Saturday.  G for Giroux and C for Crosby… this is going to be The Perfect Game.

Here’s The Ginge with his short hair covered by a hat.  What do we think?


More importantly, what is this girl thinking?


Yup, same thing we are.  She even gets a question in… complete with the half blush/smile that G would earn from anyone with two X chromosomes. [video]


This girl rules.  Smart, hockey oriented, not impervious to masculinity.  We want to be friends with her.  She can keep us informed on Claude and the Flyers while we spend the whole time mumbling curses and boiling bats wings in the office basement.

Update: You guys are quick.  That is Sarah Baicker, who covers the Flyers for Comcast Sportsnet.  You can follow her at @sbaickerCSN.  We suggest you do.


Until Saturday, capitaine…


Oh, you read all the way to the bottom and thought I might not mention Jordan Eberle!  Mwahahaha.  I got my Ebs shirt in the mail yesterday… and Ebs got the A in Edmonton.  He’ll be the Oilers full-time alternate captain, while Taylor Hall and Nick Schultz share the other one.  [Interview Video]

That’s my boy! #TeamEbs 


You #TeamHall folks can submit a question here, for Taylor’s “Ask an Oiler” feature tomorrow.  Someone ask for his all-time clumsiest moment, it must be a whopper.

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  1. Rhonda Reply

    Crosby Vs. Giroux

    This will be the first time someone gets slashed on a ceremonial face-off….

  2. Cassy Reply

    Rhonda, I like it. And we all just knew Pants would be all over this one!

    But how will she choose between Team Beaver Perfect Teeth and Team Ginger?!

    Stay tuned…..

    • Pants Reply

      There is no choice, Cassy. You should know that!

      Crosby forever and ever, amen.

  3. Kaitlin Reply

    I’m happy to provide the Philly fan perspective. Here Claude is known to be a very vocal leader both on the ice and in the locker room. A great example of G’s leadership is the infamous playoff game against the Penguins last season. He told his teammates “watch me on the first shift” and went out putting a hard hit on Crosby and scored a goal. Then turned back to his teammates and said something along the lines of “see, I told you so, now let’s go.” This elicited high praise from Coach Peter Laviolette and line mate Jaromir Jagr who called him the best player in the world.

    The female reporter in the pictures is Sarah Baicker. She covers the Flyers for Comcast Sportsnet.

    • Damn it. His comments are so sexy. I blame ALL OF THIS on Pants.

  4. Amanda asked if Taylor prefers a May or June wedding. I’m thinking July, when he can guarantee it won’t interfere with a Cup run (not that the Oilers have a chance of that – I’M SORRY BUT I HAD TO)

    Re Giroux: K at first I was all like “Non, non, non” with the photos of his short hair but the one of him looking at the camera….? Damn. Oh Captain, my Captain. I’d agree with either G or Briere as Captain – G is the sexier choice (don’t deny it Pants).

    My only beef is that nobody is acknowledging Chris Pronger. I’m not even a Flyers OR Pronger fan but I think someone who has their career ended because of muppets in their head and persistent concussion symptoms deserved to be recognized. It makes me sad.

    • Kaitlin Reply

      There’s been a lot of discussion about Pronger in Philly, at least among the fans I know. There was discussion of making the captain announcement at Thursday night’s open practice in front of the fans, some sort of official ceremony with Pronger. Pronger is back in the city and working with the team, I believe helping coach the defense. From what I’ve heard Pronger is having a very difficult time with the sudden end to his career. It seems the team is letting Pronger take the lead in terms of how much press and attention he is comfortable with, and may be why they scrapped their initial announcement plans. Right now Pronger has stated he does not want to do any interviews.

    • Alison and I already jumped all over the scheduling conflict a May or June wedding would cause. This is what happens when you are constantly planning imaginary hockey player weddings. Not weird.

      • I was flustered! What can I say, with news like that. Ill wait forever for Hallsy.

  5. Kathy Reply

    As a Flyers fan, I am very happy with the choice though Briere or Kimmo would have been good choices as well. I was surprised about the announcement since I had heard it would be on Thursday at the open practice which I believe will be televised around here. I will be watching it for sure. Honestly, aside from his dashing good looks, G is really well respected and loved by the fans. He is very humble in the interviews I have seen and really puts the team ahead of his accomplishments. That epic shift which, I know was a killer for Pens fans, really showed that he had earned the right to wear the C. As someone from the Flyers organization said, it is his team. It really is true. I do feel badly for Pronger. This isn’t the way any player wants to end his career. I know the Flyers are giving him time to deal with all of it. Say what you want about the organization but they treat their players(in most cases) like family and I am sure they will honor him in some way when the time is right. But for now, it is G’s team, and I expect good things ahead! And on a last note, I saw the interview with that reporter and laughed so hard with the look she gave G. I figured you ladies would spot it too. I wouldn’t have been able to ask a question because I would have already swooned and fallen to floor. His looks, his voice….just can’t take it!

  6. Rhonda Reply

    She’s thinking “Ginger, I would date you so hard….”