Cosmo Ain’t Got Nothin’…

“… to do with my selection.” – Sir Mix-a-Lot, Baby Got Back

JEEZ.  I go away and hockey throws a party like the Project X kids and burns down the whole neighborhood!  First things first – this Cosmopolitan list of the Hottest NHL players.


Hahahahaha!  Watching Grey’s Anatomy does not make me a doctor, so let’s not assume one Google search qualifies Cosmo to select the best-looking player from each hockey team.  Some things are best left to those who’ve done their blogging homework.  (According to Cosmo, they asked people to vote.  WHAT PEOPLE?  Calling only Phil Kessel is not “people.”)

Consider your source.  They were busy with the Sex Diet and these hot shorts.


Let’s take a look at their picks:

Washington Capitals/Mike Green – Well they got one right, even if they chose a useless photo of MG52 in which neither hair nor smile were evident.  He’d still win for the Caps, but let’s make it a landslide.


LA Kings/Jeff Carter – He’s a Cosmo kind of guy, don’t ya think?  Between stories on “Crazy Hot Sex” and “I’m Marrying My Gay Best Friend,” he subscribes for sure.  Chuck would choose Dustin Penner, I’d pick Mike Richards (I guess) and Dawn loves Doughty.  Zero votes for Carts.

richie carts

NY Rangers/Brian Boyle – The hottest guy on the Rangers is Henrik.  Followed, in order, by Henrik’s bow tie, Henrik’s skinny suit pants, anything shiny that reflects Henrik’s face, and then MDZ.  It’s a tough competition, Brian.


Buffalo Sabres/Patrick Kaleta – So many head-butting jokes missed  here.  Tragic kingdom.


Philadelphia Flyers/Scott Hartnell – SCOTT HARTNELL!  Over the infuriating, shit-eating grin perfection of Giroux?  Over my foolish crush on the Briere family (they have a Boston Terrier!) and that time Danny had to stand on a box to be interviewed?!  I’ll be upstairs jumping off the roof.


Ottawa Senators/Marc Methot – Remember what I said about being a doctor? Well being a blogger doesn’t mean I know every player on the Senators. I don’t know this guy. I only know he’s not Erik Karlsson.


Montreal Canadiens/Carey Price – If you’re going to make me say out loud that Carey Price is the best looking Hab, there better be some priest-to-sinner confessional confidentiality here.  Brand new Canadien Brandon Prust will fix this problem tout de suite.

carey price

shutter speed 1/640, F-stop 8, lens 32, 400 ISO, filesize 9.8MB, frame 0204,Wednesday July 11, 2012,shutter 209778, 11:59:53 AM

Detroit Red Wings/Henrik Zetterberg – The Beard.  The Swede.  The fact he is our age!  Fine Cosmo, you can have this one too.


Toronto Maple Leafs/Phil Kessel – Imsorrywhat?  Somewhere Joffrey Lupul is shirtless, riding a horse down the beach to bring you a hot fudge sundae asking, “What the hell does a guy have to do around here?”


Columbus Blue Jackets/Jared Boll – In a world without Rick Nash, Jared Boll’s eyebrows are pretty impressive.  Still I’d rather have an old life-size cardboard cutout of Rick.


NY Islanders/John Tavares – YES.  For every seventh grader who ever had a crush on her cute Earth Science teacher.


Vancouver Canucks/Ryan Kesler – Cosmo would never miss an underwear photo shoot, so Ry had this vote locked up.  We can’t really argue with the abs.


Winnipeg Jets/Evander Kane – Sure, if you like guys who call you from Vegas on phones made of money.  We much prefer Zach Bogosian’s overwhelmingly camouflage wardrobe (especially when he’s not wearing it).


Carolina Hurricanes/Jordan Staal – DAGGER IN MY HEART, but it’s true!  Intern Jeff Skinner is never going to win this, poor kid.  He even tried growing his hair out. Wah waaaaaaaaah.  The Staals are like a cult, or an offensive line, or the strapping inhabitants of some island where I long to be shipwrecked.


Pittsburgh Penguins/Sidney Crosby – In other news, water is wet.  If you like glass-cutting cheekbones, model’s lips and a body like a MAC Truck, Crosby’s my your  guy.  There should be a runner-up category where Neal and Letang wrestle/compare tattoos for second place.



Minnesota Wild/Ryan Suter – Just because your contract equals Zach Parise’s doesn’t mean you are equally foxy.  No voting required.


San  Jose Sharks/Brent Burns – Sans beard, Brent is a close shave for Hottest Shark.  Too bad Joe Thornton is Chuck’s high school boyfriend.  When she said “Chuck + Joe 4EVA,” she meant it.


Boston Bruins/Tyler Seguin – Another Cosmo sure shot, a la Jeff Carter.  If they knew what they were doing, there’d be a cover story entitled, “How To Hookup and Not Get Listed as This.”


Anaheim Ducks/Bobby Ryan – Cosmo picked him because he played in Sandy relief charity games.  We pick him because he’s funny and Tweets pictures of his cat.  A deadly combination.

bobby ryan

Chicago Blackhawks/Patrick Sharp – From one magazine title to another… both wrong.  He’s perfect, we get it.  But any list without Jonathan Toews is really no list at all.  Jon would ask for a do-over, since he didn’t hear the whistle.


Tampa Bay Lightning/Vincent Lecavalier – Maybe in 2003, the year Vinny and his girlfriend where featured in the SI Swimsuit Issue.  But it’s ten years later and Stamkos is the new sheriff in town.


Florida Panthers/Scottie Upshall – People love Kris Versteeg but I’m going with Upshall here.  Spontaneous rapping skills not required.  If the Panthers went with this color navy for their uniforms, people would notice Scottie more.


Nashville Predators/Mike Fisher – He’s so pretty.  Too pretty.  We prefer our guys a little rough around the edges; a little more tall, dark and “I can put this puck though a bank vault.  Stand aside, miss,” like Shea Weber.


Colorado Avalanche/Gabriel Landeskog – Cosmo chose him for his, ahem, “leadership.”  Well he certainly leads the NHL in shirtless selfies posted to Instagram.  (This category is open, should another NHL player like to apply.)  If one world were full of maple bacon donuts sitting on a pile of money, and another full of stale bread held by Gabe, we’d take the bread.  Then invent new ways to burn off those carbs.


St. Louis Blues/Patrik Berglund – This is a legit choice, if boring.  Chuck would have gone with Alex Pietrangelo.  I would have gone for TJ Oshie’s phone and gotten myself Toews’ number.

alex p

Calgary Flames/Dennis Wideman – NO NO NO!  You need go back like PA’s and wearing PJ’s to Jarome Iginla, a handsome and distinguished older gentleman.  Or be us and pick Alex Tanguay, my long-term committed hockey relationship.  My lobster.


Phoenix Coyotes/Mike Smith – If Lupul’s on a horse trying to outrun Cartman Kessel for the Leafs’ prize, how would you describe Biznasty’s campaign?  His life is the social media equivalent of a pole dancing class.  It’s dirty, but it works for him. (Sorry Shane Doan.)


NJ Devils/Adam Henrique – Ahhh yes.  The devil in disguise.  Thank God he shows up in photos.

NHL Awards Hockey

Edmonton Oilers/JORDAN EBERLE – Ding ding ding! We have a winner.  Cosmo is #TeamEbs!  Perhaps they are not quite so lazy and poorly educated as I thought.  Plus, Hallsy keeps needing stitches to the head.


Dallas Stars/Jaromir Jagr – I had to read this twice.  First – JAGR?!  Second – Wait, the Stars?  Oh yeah, he plays there now.  I know we took their James Neal away, but what about Loui “Crazy Eyes” Eriksson? Brendan Morrow qualifies.  They even have Derek Roy now, so if there’s no height requirement to ride this coaster than we think Jagr ends up sitting alone.


By my book, Cosmo scored +/- 50% on this list.  That’s pretty poor considering the joys of window-shopping along this particular glass.  Don’t you have interns who spend all day trolling Tumblr?  You could’ve asked to borrow Jeff Skinner (if you cut his hair before you send him back).


The season hasn’t even begun and Cosmo’s already set the bar around the .500 level.  No wonder they picked Kessel!  We know that’s not good enough to get you into the playoffs.  Maybe next year they’ll bring their A game… or just leave the surgery to us doctors.

Note from Chuck:

Our list > Cosmo’s list.

Yeah, I said it. We are superior. We may not be the best or most prolific bloggers on the interwebs, but when it comes to stuff like this – don’t get it twisted.

We got it on LOCK!


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  1. Deb Reply

    I have been waiting for the official WUYS retort to this ridiculous list.

    Some of the guys who have commented on their nods via twitter have kept me giggling in the mean time (see Marc Methot)

  2. Tiffany (@TiffanyRella) Reply

    hahahhahhahahahha omg, I’m at work with the HUGEST smile on my face. As I was scrolling down your list (yes, I do agree with you on some), I was thinking, where are the Devils and wah-la ADAM!!!! Haha, I am in love with that picture of him. The full body shot of that is my background on my phone :))) Maybe I will by this mag just for this list. Haha

  3. I think this is the only list in history which will include both Biznasty and Toews, and I 100% approve.

    This list has topped the hockey ladies’ rage for days. UGH. Here’s my exceptions to your logic, Pants:

    Caps: I could acquiesce on Green, but prefer Brooks “Baby Blues” Laich.

    Kings: Whaaaa Pants?? I LOVE Carts! He’s my #1. The perfect Cosmo choice.

    Canucks: No Kevin Bieksa?? Even Jess and I will agree on this one, despite our Vancouver disdain.

    Jets: Hellloooo, Andrew Ladd. Enough said.

    Thanks for setting the record straight with a LEGITIMATE list, ladies. 😉

    • Pants Reply

      Linds, you know I am 52% for Mike Green and 48% for Nicky B. Bieksa almost got the nod too, as I was thinking of you two crazies.

    • Laich would also be an acceptable and well-deserving choices but you know how we feel about the hipster cool of Mike Green.

      Penncakes – all day, erry day.

      Oh, Andrew Ladd. Yea. He’s fione.

    • Always one step ahead of me Linz. But y’all know I love me some Evander Kane, if only because he walked past me that one time I was camped out for Magic Mike. He is a naughty boy and his needs some discipline…

    • Amen to Brooks Laich and Andrew Ladd.

    • Ashley Reply

      mmm brooks laich. now that is a man right there.

  5. Karlsson’s tattoo is hot like fire. And his veins are all bulging because there is too much sexy coursing through them.

    Chuck + Joe 4 EVA is right!

    When I look at Gabe Landeskog, I feel like Ellie Kemper in “21 Jump Street” when she sees Channing Tatum at the prom. “Stop. No don’t stop. I love you. No I hate you.”

    • YES. What IS this picture of Karlsson? Jeebus. And that photo of Ebs? Dear lord. I didn’t stand a chance.

    • My Senators pick will always be Jason Spezza. He is everyone’s husband ever. And I love him.

  6. I made my peace on the Twitters, but I just gotta throw this one out there:

    Bieksa >>>>The Spector of Taylor Pyatt >>>>> Higgins>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Most of the Canucks >>>>>>Daniel Sedin (he is a lovely person) >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Kesler (Douche Commander of the Universe)

    • Pants Reply

      I forgot about Higgins! Damn teams that are 2896 miles away and on TV after my bedtime!

  7. It goes without saying that WUYS has the definitive word on this subject, and not only because you know what you’re talking about, but also because your wit is sharper than Henrique’s cheekbones.

    “Phoenix Coyotes/Mike Smith – If Lupul’s on a horse trying to outrun [Cartman] Kessel for the Leafs’ prize, how would you describe Biznasty’s campaign? His life is the social media equivalent of a pole dancing class. It’s dirty, but it works for him. (Sorry Shane Doan.)”

    I just caused a scene at my desk.

    The only bone I have to pick is Patrick Sharp. Sorry, but he’s the only one who could legitimately dethrone Henrik.

  8. And you started out with a Sir-Mix-a-Lot quote. *clap solo*

  9. I didn’t realize that this was chosen by popular vote until last night. And then it dawned on me that Brian Boyle beat out Henrik Freakin’ Lundqvist in a beauty contest. You would think he won the MVP, I was so happy for him!

    He’s a giant, funny, Irish, hockey-playing kid from Boston with great hair who believes in family values and retweets things about manners. Are you kidding me?

    Sorry, Hank – Brian Boyle will always get my vote.

    • Don’t just us wrong. We love us some Brian Boyle. His hair is FANTASTIC. And that Inigo Montoya playoff beard makes us giddy. Even named him a Foxy Friday, but Henrik is just an extraterrestrial sort of hot. The sort of hot that cannot be explained or understood so the only way to rationalize it is to say it come from outer space.

  10. Pam Reply

    Thank God this list came out! And no better time than while I’m freezing my dirty dangles off outside of Flyers preseason practice. SIDE NOTE: Giroux just drove by with 20 lbs of rock salt sprayed across his car. Gave me a nod on his way past approving of YOUR nod (or so we should assume). I know how hard it is to pick just one from each team but seriously, Cosmo, do some legwork! Great job, ladies!

  11. Natasha Reply

    I know it is easy to overlook the Dallas Stars and concentrate on Eastern team players, but you may want to check out Jamie Benn. He’s a very good player, cute and media shy. He gives Loui Eriksson a run for best looking Dallas Star.

  12. jana Reply

    Let me defend their one choice of Jared Boll. Having met him in person last August, trust me:

    pictures Do not. Do him. Justice.

    As my mother said when she saw the picture of him, “Why is he hiding those biceps under that shirt?”

    I couldn’t have said it better myself.

  13. Deanna Reply

    While I don’t agree 100%, this list is SO MUCH BETTER than Cosmo’s. That thing was a joke.

  14. I am calling them out: I am. I mean, Seguin? Really? The Professor is WAY hotter. He is. Especially in person. And Andrew Ference. And I’m so with you all on Brooks Laich, despite the Greener love. Epic Fail Cosmo…

  15. Becky Reply

    I am with you, ladies! That Cosmo list was horrible!!

    I agree with most of your alternatives, but I have to disagree with Seguin as your Boston pick. Nobody on that team surpasses the all around hotness/skill/nice guy vibe of The Professor.

    Also, Jamie Benn, Gingeroux, and Penner. Drool!

  16. Vanessa Reply

    Don’t get me wrong, I think Sharp and Toews are both hot, and it’s hard to deny that the Blackhawks have a lot of hot men, and Stahlberg gives Sharp a run for the title, but I mean, how could anyone overlook Bollig?

    Ultimately, Bollig would be my pick for the hottest list, hands down.

    I’m with you all on most of the rest of them. Cosmo’s reply hilariously made some comment about not judging them as bad hockey fans because they’re a women’s interest magazine; no, Cosmo, it’s because you picked the worst images and had terribly lame captions to go with them!

    • Sue Reply

      A list like this has no merit when Scott Hartnell is on the list. Hartnell, really?!?!? Especially when you have Gingeroux or Max Talbot to pick from. Either would have been better.

      As for the Blackhawks, Stahlberg would have been my choice.

  17. Lorelei6903 Reply

    Mmmmmmm Erik Karlsson. If it couldn’t have been Tanger to get the Norris last year, then I was ok with the yummy and talented Karlsson. Ok, sorry Pants, but for the Caps, I would have gone with Holtby or Perreault (he has that whole Xavier Leflamme thing going on for me. lol) Definitely Jordan for the ‘Canes, but soooo painful at the same time:( There would HAVE to be a three, four or five way tie for the Pens, tho. Sid, Nealer, Tanger, Nisky (love our American boy) AND Geno IMHO:))

  18. Jacki Reply

    It goes without saying that Cosmo was smoking some serious crack when they put Kessel on the list for the Leafs instead of John Michael Liles. Sorry Lupul, Liles stole my heart in Denver and it followed him to Toronto. As it will if he goes to another team. Seriously, he’s so handsome it should be illegal!

  19. drea Reply

    I’m kinda sad Hartsy’s ditching the beard, because the ginger curls and beard and blue eyes float my boat. Giroux is adorable, though.

    I’ll have to show Lundqvist’s picture to my mom. She’s not a hockey fan but she was married to a Swede for over 50 years…

  20. Lori B. Reply

    Love your revised list. Even players were confused that Henrik was excluded.

    As a Stars fan, I don’t think Jagr is unattractive but wholeheartedly agree with your revision to Loui and mention of Morrow.

    No biggie because it happens all the time, but his name is spelled Brenden Morrow. 🙂

  21. Chelsea Reply

    I hate these lists that force you to choose only one player with model looks for each team. Toews, Letang, Neal, Hank, etc. etc. don’t just deserve spots on this list, they deserves spots towards the TOP of it!!! Damn them for being on teams with such aesthetically pleasing rosters!!! Damn them to hell! Shoot, Hank is one of the most beautiful people period! Whenever I think of Henrik Lundqvist I think of him on the cover of a romance novel titled “Between the Pipes”. He’s shirtless and gently caressing the Stanley Cup with his million dollar smile that was carved in the heavens by Michael Angelo himself. Like, Cosmo needs to realize that if they leave off the Coyotes and Columbus so that they can include Jonathan Toews and Kris Letang, nobody will even notice. And even if they do notice, who is really gonna complain? Or create some sort of “honorable mentions” category. Who cares about the Oscar-snubs. Henrik being left off this list is the biggest travesty of the year thus far.

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