Foxy Friday: Derek Sanderson

This week’s Foxy Friday is a bit of an unconventional choice but just hear us out.

Back in the 1970s and the time of the Big Bad Bruins, Derek Sanderson was the definition of “Like a Boss.”

He drove a Rolls Royce, wore mink coats, and flashed diamonds.  He won the Calder Trophy in 1968 and two Stanley Cups with the Bruins.  Cosmopolitan Magazine named him one of the Sexiest Men in America.

The man, also know as “Turk”, was hockey rock star in every sense of the word.

But in true rock star fashion, he blew it all away.

An addiction to drugs and alcohol ruined his career and life and by 1978, Sanderson was washed-up and washed-out of hockey.

Eventually, Sanderson recovered, thanks to help from friend, teammate, and  hockey god Bobby Orr.  He got clean and sober and went on to work as a sportscaster for the Bruins and financial adviser.

And now Turk is going to be a movie star.

Ed Burns and writer-director Doug Atchison are developing a feature film about Sanderson’s life and times, based on his autobiography “Crossing the Line”.  [read more here]

So you are probably thinking to yourselves “How does THIS guy deserve to be a Foxy Friday? What about his spectacular downward spiral qualifies him to join the illustrious Phi Phi Phi fraternity?”

One word.


Think Britney Spears.  Think Robert Downey Jr. Think Red Sox in the 2004 ALCS.

Everybody loves a comeback.

Comebacks are foxy.


P.S.  No word on casting yet but we think Chris Pine would be an EXCELLENT choice to play Sanderson.

 Who do you think should play Turk?  Or even better, who should play Bobby Orr?


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  1. Good call on Chris Pine!

    My vote for Bobby is Tom Hardy – hands down. If they pick Channing Tatum to play him, I will boycott.

      • 1. I really should be watching this show.

        2. How does a person get to be related to Steve McQueen and Luc Robitaille? That’s not even fair.

        3. I very much like this suggestion.

        • ehmygerd. You HAVE to watch The Vampire Diaries. Best to start from the 1st season because the show is chock-full of plotlines and awesomeness.

          Steven McQueen is one lucky and exceptionally attractive young man. Each season on TVD he gets progressively hotter.

          • Your last sentence is the truest of them all.

  2. MouthGuard Reply

    MORE Foxy Fridays like this, please! 🙂 Superb choice. Takes me back – waaaayyyyy back – to when I adored the Bruins…

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