10 Things I Miss About You

I fear I’m approaching the fifth and final stage of grief: acceptance.  It’s a self-defense mechanism, designed to keep a traumatic event from continuing to hurt forever.  I would instead put to good use the money and free time this lockout has provided – learning Swedish, teaching kids how to ride bikes, adopting puppies.  But before I get there, I really need one more pity party.

10. The ‘after dark’ cable movie music that Center Ice plays while you wait for your game’s live feed to start.  [link]

9. Commentators only hockey could love.

8. The infinite blog fodder of 24/7.

7. Anytime someone’s helmet comes off during a game.

6. Bromances.

5. Derpfaces.

4. Loving and hating something at the same time.

3. When you still can’t believe that actually happened.

2. Even the times that make you want to throw up.

1.5. The kind of happiness that hits you like a bus.

1. This nasty hat.


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  1. jana Reply

    Maybe it’s naivety or delusion or stupidity. Maybe it’s because I’m an eternal optimist. But I’m holding on to a very thin shred of hope that the NHL and PA will come to agreement. We may not have hockey come December 1st. It may be January 1st. But it’ll happen.

    I hope.

    I miss hockey and everything that comes with it.

  2. Macy Reply

    I miss #6 🙁 My Bieksa jersey is just hanging on the wall, looking sad because it hasn’t been work since April.

  3. I’m doing my best to keep myself distracted from ALL talks of the lockout. If they discuss it at all the TV goes on mute so I can just see shots of Crosby attending negotiations. If they mention things like “there might not be a season…” I just plug my ears and go “LALALALALALA”

    Distracting myself has been the best because really, I don’t think I could handle the heartbreak. I love all our talk about the foxiness of said players but when it really comes down to it, not seeing the game is just so depressing. Booo.

  4. Kitkat Reply

    I went to a Halloween party in my Caps gear because I needed an excuse to bust out my Winter Classic apparel. It might have made me miss hockey even more

  5. I also miss impossibly athletic saves and goal montages on NHL Network.

  6. Yup. I think that about covers it…


  7. Cassy Reply

    *Piteous Wailing*

    Not even the four episodes of last year’s 24-7 back to back on my Air Transat flight on the way back to Blighty helped….

  8. Jacki Reply

    I miss it all, but especially post game interviews with Semyon Varlamov, because he is hilarious! And of course him being a total badass during shootouts. Now excuse me while I go sob into my Avs jersey.

  9. Marcy Reply

    Nicky Backstrom hat trick?

  10. The day that I officially give up on there ever being hockey this year, is the day that Jonathan Toews signs a Euro contract. He is my last holdout, and if he leaves me, I am done.

  11. Sofie Reply

    1. Bromances <3