I Would Walk 3,821 Miles

3,821 miles.

That is what separates me from Rick Nash.

While I am left here to wallow in my ever increasing depression over the state of the NHL, Rick is over in Switzerland just having a grand ole time.

He’s climbing the Alps and making snowmen with Joe Thornton.

He’s looking impossibly adorable in a ridiculous uniform.  What is that logo on his hockey pants?  Is that the castle from Super Mario Brothers?

Power up!

He’s scoring hat tricks. Like a boss.


He’s rocking some flow that makes me feel all those feels.


Come back, NHL. Come back, Rick Nash.

I miss you.


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  1. Macy Reply

    That video of the hat trick really has the best commentary…and I have no idea what he’s talking about, except when he yells RICK NASH!

    • I adore that video!

      Foreign language, foreign language, foreign language RICK NASH! foreign language, foreign language.

      I’m pretty sure that it translates to “Rick Nash is a filthy, salty, goal score and you cannot stop him. You can only hope to contain him.”

  2. Rick is SO CANADIAN that he makes the rest of us ‘Nucks look like terrible citizens. His whole “Aw, shucks, golly gee” thing is totally doing it for me. And that sick flow? Do we *really* want the lockout to end? Sorry, that was my inside voice.

    • *sigh* He’s just perfection. Everything.

  3. Pants Reply

    They’re so manly they make snowballs without gloves! True Canadians.

    Hahahaha, that uniform! It’s full of subliminal brainwashing messages, but Rick’s nuclear levels of attractiveness drown them all out until you see only the beard and the smile. And the castle.

    • Nashty and Brickhouse don’t need no gloves!!

  4. Stephanie Reply

    Did you really make a Proclaimers reference? Lol
    Rick is looking mighty good with the flow…

    I feel your pain… I’m getting a bit worried about Grapes too… He’s reduced to tweeting about baseball and the amount of cars in drive thrus! This lockout is killing me!

    • Yes. Yes, I did make Proclaimers reference. Best musical act to come out of Scotland since the Bay City Rollers.

      Some people are just meant to have the flow. Nash is one of them. It just suits him perfectly.

  5. Deb Reply

    Amazingly, I understood most of the commentary (well, the numbers and a few other sporadic words…High School German FTW!) and you’re pretty much spot on with the translation.

    I didn’t realize how much I missed that man. It says a lot about the power of Sexy that he can look that good in that hideous jersey