Foxy Friday: Hockey

Remember hockey?

That’s it.  No man candy this week, just saves and goals and hits and shots and the new all-time low I hit every single day while we wait for this to end.


How bad is it?  I’ll even take highlights set to Nickelback.  I’d take Nickelback themselves right now, provided they brought Claude Giroux and a t-shirt gun.

I’d take Phil Kessel straight off a red-eye flight from Manitoba after a bad loss.

I’d take Pierre Maguire, even without Mike Richards.

I told you: new all-time lows happening daily.


BRyan at 0:55.  Ebs at 1:45.  Geno at 2:58.  Flower at 3:26.  Of all the things I miss, I miss this the most.

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  1. Michelle Reply

    First time I’ve laughed since Tuesday. Thanks for this : ) Claude Giroux with a t-shirt gun indeed.

  2. Tonight I’m holing up and watching the 2010 Olympic Men’s Gold Medal Game (I actually typed “golf” before correcting it – this lockout needs to END!) and episodes of 24/7. You’ve all heard my stories of dinner parties, crafting, organizing…enough. I need some hockey dammit. I’ve missed my man.