Mikey Monday: Movember

Our love for Movember comes in many forms.  On one hand it’s gives us warm & fuzzies to see hockey players doing something fun to raise money and awareness for a good cause.  Also, we like to see people looking silly.  We’ve even gone so far as to suggest some people should take donations not to grow facial hair.

But there is a small portion of Movember that is a genuine improvement on life.

Yes, Mike. It’s you.  And it looks like this:

(by our fave Caps snapper, jlrpuck)

What will this November bring?  Urban Dictionary defines a “duster” as a mustache of any kind… or an untalented athlete who gathers dust sitting on the bench. [link]  Oops, unintentional!    This is a top-line look.

Not so much the Fu Manchu, circa 2010.

Though it improves with time.

A smile always helps too.

(Mike only played one game last November.  He returned from a right angle injury just to be immediately re-sidelined by the groin problem that required sports hernia surgery in January 2012.  It was not a good time for us.)

For the record, we prefer this version of Mike Green’s Movember Campaign.  It’s actually from October 2011, but who cares?

Let someone else be funny.  You can just be hot.

Photo by Rae, who is awesome.

It looks so good, you know?  Oh, you know.

Who are you most excited to see this Movember?  Remember, ’tis the season to be careful what you wish for.

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  1. Kitkat Reply

    Just one more thing to add to my list of things I miss about hockey *sigh

  2. MouthGuard Reply

    Giroux looks like my perverted shop teacher from high school with this ‘stache… I hope the lack of hockey is an incentive for these guys to be even more competitive with their mustaches. 😉 And good causes need their help regardless of whether or not there’s a hockey season.