Foxy Friday: Zach Bogosian

Tracy P (@T_A_Pthat) is not the first to suggest this Foxy Friday, but her DM yesterday reminded me of something.

Lots of teams visiting the Caps stay at the hotel next to my office.  It’s prime territory for an awkward lunch-break encounter with hockey players that no one else recognizes.  One day last year, Gator and I ran into a handful of the Winnipeg Jets.  By ‘ran into,’ I mean ‘stop talking up the whole sidewalk boys, this isn’t Sex and the City.’  But big strapping guys always turn heads, even if that makes it hard to dodge traffic or mind the curb.

Probably not Jets, but I can’t always tell.

We made it around the corner alive (and silent, for extra weirdness) and immediately both said, “Who was that guy?”  Obviously there’s a flaw in my facial recognition software, or I just don’t get to Winnipeg often enough to update the database.  I recognized former Cap Eric Fehr, but it was this guy that nearly sent Gator headfirst into a No Parking sign.

Foxy Friday: Zach Bogosian

Well, hello.  Zach is 22 and from Massena, NY.  There’s the Upstate NY that I represent, then there’s this.  Way to Upstate like you mean it, Bogo.

He was drafted third overall in 2008, and we must say the company is pretty foxy (now, not then).  It shouldn’t have taken us so long to get to Zach.

Especially because he’s got a Shea Weber/Skeet Ulrich/Jim from the Office thing going on.  Right?  He looks a little bit like an actual fox, in gorgeous real-life human form.  No question what his Patronus would be.

At 6’3″, 215 pounds, Zach is a physical defenseman with a scoring touch.  He’s hit the 10-goal mark once, and last season had a career-high 30 points (for my fantasy team, thanks).  This, the last year of his contract, should have paid him $3 million.  Sadly he’s making less that I am these days.

We think he’d be a hit at other sports, at least among the fans.

Golf Instructor – Meet us on the Ladies’ Tee.

Nature Guide –  We’d pay extra to watch him row.

Swim Class…

… because eventually there’s talking, and that’s where Ryan Lochte loses us.

Remember, if you can’t be an athlete, be an athletic supporter.  

While the lockout hurts everyone, Zach is one of the few players whose season is not (yet) affected.  He underwent surgery on August 31 to repair a torn ligament in his right wrist, an injury cited as “chronic” by team doctors.  The procedure was successful, but he was projected to miss 3 months (if not 4-6) in recovery.

At the rate we’re going, he might get back for Opening Night.

When he’s not busy bringing joy to the hearts of Winnipeg fans who waited so long for their team’s return, Zach really enjoys hunting.

In onesie invisibility cloaks.

His dog Tuck (peeking out of the corner there) is his superhero sidekick – complete with YouTube videos [link]. See above in the boat, and…

If you don’t love a guy who loves his dog, we don’t even know you anymore.

Tuck has the league-leading GAA.

This action shot demonstrates that Bogo also loves to Tweet (@Bogogo_44) and Instagram (zachbogosian_44).  Both activities require a lot of arm muscles.

He’s snarky too, which earns high-level foxy security clearance.

Really, he’s just like us… with more bicep.

 Changed his number (4 to 44), changed his Twitter handle.

If we can’t have hockey, at least we can hope Zach still Tweets some of our favorite winter activities, like Movember:


And the insistence that his eyebrows are naturally this shape.  It’s as true as it is tragically unfair. (Note: RNH still holds the title.)

Down here at the bottom of the post, we reward you with workout videos:

And just as you’re feeling the gaping void hockey has left in your life, a video of Zach cracking up laughing.  Happy Friday.

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  1. “A physical defenseman with a scoring touch” <– You guys will never cease to make every damn day pure hilarity.

    And forget the nomination for Bogo as FF by a WUYS reader – as soon as he changed his number to Danny Briere's you were hooked Pants. Don't deny it. 😉

    • Pants Reply

      Everything is right with the universe, Lindsay, because you a) know me so well and b) don’t know what number Danny Briere actually wears (48). Seems my work here is not quite finished yet! Mwahahahaha!

  2. “Especially because he’s got a Shea Weber/Skeet Ulrich/Jim from the Office thing going on.”


    Awwww, Skeet Ulrich. I remember him.

  3. Macy Reply

    I need to sign up for this ‘swim class’ he teaches…I have room in my schedule for next semester anyways!

  4. I think I officially spend too much time caring about Northeast teams. I am clearly missing out.

    That Casino Night picture…dead.

    • MouthGuard Reply

      West Is Best. 😉 I challenge WUYS to post only Foxy Fridays featuring players from Western Conference teams (or players from teams located west of Ontario) throughout Movember. DM with candidates to follow.

      Think of this lockout as an opportunity to explore some different horizons. 😉 Try something different. The forays into the Rockies (read: Colorado) are encouraging, however methinks if a certain newly-appointed Captain Swedish Teenager weren’t on said team, the Avs might be left out in the cold as well.

  5. OoooOooLa new foxiness!

    The best part of this post is my girl in the sensible pool attire checking out the gun show all side-eye over the rim of her mango margarita.

  6. Casey Reply

    I feel like Bogo and I have a special bond…. Way Up upstate NY’ers and Vermonters UNITE!! Oh, and I went to undergrad at SUNY Plattsburgh…. We’re practically neighbors.

  7. Deanna Reply

    Best Foxy Friday post EVER. How had I not realized what a babe this guy was?!

    • Deanna Reply

      *is, not was. So sexy he scrambled my brain

  8. MouthGuard Reply

    He’ll be a bargain-basement Weber In Training if he puts on 25 more lbs of muscle, improves his skating and hunts opposing forwards instead of defenseless animals.

    Excellent choice! Terrific photo selection! 🙂