As if the lockout wasn’t bad enough, Steven Stamkos hates me.  He seems to think that in this terrible time, I should suffer even more.

I’m not even talking about those pants.

A beard?!  Stopityouarekillingme!  How dare you look this charming and reference the playoffs when the only hockey I can get is reruns of 24/7??

This is like a Christmas window full of presents I cannot have.  And it gets worse.

A ginger beard.  On James Neal.  Who I should be seeing tonight at the Penguins/Capitals Halloween Hockey Extravaganza!  DAMN YOU, BETTMAN!  You’ve ruined my chance to freeze my butt off in a completely inappropriate and hilarious costume!

Just leave me here to die.

Note to the Staals: If any of you turn up with those Amish thing right now, I’m really going to lose my sh*t.

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  1. Liz Reply

    I hate everyone and everything.

  2. Erin Reply

    I am ALSO supposed to be at that Caps-Pens game tonight. I plan on weeping into a delicious beverage a lot, instead. Damn you, lockout!

  3. MB Reply

    Look at it this way, we got some treats without having to go out in cold and knock on the neighbors’ doors… Although I feel your pain at not seeing James Neal in person… 🙁

  4. Amy Reply

    Damn Steven Stamkos for making me love you. And f*@k both sides of this lockout fight just because.

  5. Last night they did a panel discussion on Sportsnet on women’s downhill skiing. Followed by women’s golf and university volleyball. This is what sports highlights have come to in this lockout hell.

    And we all know how my personal habits have changed – crafting, meeting people for drinks, hosting dinner parties – BUYING HALLOWEEN CANDY A MONTH IN ADVANCE.

    What is this world coming to?? In the absence of seeing this beautiful men play anyone on skates has reduced me to a hormonal mess. I’m going to spend tonight watching 24/7 and eating said Halloween candy while I cry all of the tears. DAMN YOU BETTMAN.

    • Liz Reply

      I feel your pain. I actually watched baseball and basketball games. And my roommate and I were thinking of taking up scrapbooking.

      Although, I do have an AHL team in my town and they are now the object of my devotion. Should anyone need a fix, I HIGHLY recommend it.

      • The Toronto Raptors game was on when I was at the gym. Can we discuss how depressing this sport is? Maybe it’s just the franchise. Regardless, my options are LIMITED and I do not appreciate these boys running around with playoff beards. NOT FAIR.

    • MelTing Reply

      You know Lindsay, much as I miss hockey, I have to say: your new life sounds pretty amazing. Not only the organized, creative, social part but women’s sports getting their due?

      Now that I think about it, I’ve also been entertaining and getting things done…could there be a link?

  6. Melissa Reply

    I too had tickets to the Pens/Caps game 🙁 It was gonna be my first live game because I finally have a job that pays enough that, after saving up for months, I was able to afford tickets. And my first game was gonna be the Halloween Pens/Caps game, I mean, you cannot pick a better first game! Now that’s not gonna happen. I Literally can’t express how depressed I am tonight.