Go On, Give In.

Long before this happened, Berlin was one of my favorite cities I’ve ever visited.


Gingeroux and Legolas have arrived in Berlin play for the Ice Bears (that’s Eisbaren for those of you translating at home).  They’ve begun practicing with the team.  I’ve begun wondering when Coca-Cola is going to sue someone for making their polar bear mascot look so angry.  “Nein! Nein! Nein!”

In the German language, you can combine multiple words to make a new word, precisely expressing your meaning.  That happens all the time with Jess – I believe “fangirl deathsplosion” and “ragestroke” were two of her coined phrases.

I wish we could hear what G & D are saying in their secret language.


Oh gosh.


 Danny Briere’s plaid shirt and short, adorable single dad-ness will be the death of me.  Claude is wearing inspirational messaging t-shirts brought to you by those square quote cards that cost extra postage (bonus sweatpants).

If you can handle one more moment of this (hint: hug a pillow), here’s a video of their arrival [link] and their press conference [link].  The Ice Bears site even has Danny listed as Danny Briere, not Daniel.  Why is that so perfect?!

Excuse me, I have to go sit in Time Out and say the rosary 87 times.


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  1. Ashley Reply

    all i want in life is a man to look me the way those 2 look at each other.

    • That is a look of pure love. It is so beautiful to see.

  2. Liz Reply

    This is not a bromance. It is a straight-up romance.

  3. jana Reply

    For all the toughness and masculinity in hockey, I love the bromances!

  4. Siiiiiiiigh.

    I entertained a brief thought of kidnapping him for you last week, Pants, but I could barely complete a coherent thought in front of the man, and wasn’t quite certain I could covertly fit him and his bag of gear in to the trunk of my Camry with my hands shaking. Now he’s fled the continent with his ginger-hued lover and my chances are blown!

    • Pants Reply

      Deb, WHAAAAAAAAAAAT? Is there a story you haven’t told me? For fear of the screaming that will ensue?!

      • whoops? Check your e-mail!

  5. I love German! But the only phrases I know are (forgive my spelling):

    Straßenbahnhaltestahler = Tram Stop

    Affenhitze = Monkeyheat

    Aber jah Hans nas ist. Ehr steht inter eine vasserfall. = Naturally Hans is wet. He’s standing under a waterfall.

    • I’m sure parts of that last phrase could come in handy, with a bit of tweaking.

      Mind –> gutter

  6. Layla Reply

    The only good thing to come out of the lockout!
    And the first time it´s actually good to be German. I can see them play the game on Friday night live on the internet instead of either waking up for it at 3 in the morning or just catching the highlights on the next day.
    And I can understand the whole press conference, which is pretty great 🙂

  7. Kathy Reply

    Claude and Danny sitting in a tree…..I think you all can sing the rest!! They are just so cute. Time to embrace my German heritage!!!

  8. Melissa Reply

    I was lol’ing through the entire press conference so hard. The way that the interpreter would every once in a while put words in their mouths was hilarious! The best one was when Giroux was talking about playing one of the Berlin players and he said something along the lines of “…he was the best player on his team, and we didn’t get along very well…” and the interpreter changed that to “…he was the best player on his team, and I was the best on mine, so we didn’t get along well…”

    Lol, just making Giroux look like he has a massive ego…

    Also, the way they would giggle at each other when they had no idea what the others were talking about…

    P.s. you forgot the umlaut- it’s Eisbären… (insert snotty fyi tone). Quick tip for journalistic integrity, since it’s looking like they’re gonna be here for a while, if you are too lazy/ can’t find an umlaut, just put an e after the letter that should have an umlaut. so ä=ae, ö=oe (<- convenient for when talking about this Friday's game against my adopted city of Köln…)

  9. MouthGuard Reply

    Liebe meine Apschminki!

    This is too awesome for words. I have a lot of family in Germany so it’s tough to decide who to root for. But look: They’re wearing jerseys that say “GAS” on them. ???

    I prefer the jerseys sported by these two “bros”… Now, THAT’S more like it. 🙂