Sid’s Secret Weapon

The girls are all in a tizz on the Twitter over this Crosby video, and now I can finally see why.  DAMN COLORADO, what is in your water?  Is that why Gabe is so Gabe all the time?  We thought it was Sweden.

Sid has never looked better… he even seems fit to burst out laughing any second.  Not saying I don’t want him back cross-checking someone in the crease but vacation has done this man some serious good.

Now honestly, stop. You’re ruining my life.

Don’t give me that aw-shucks crap.  Every time you say “stick” or “quick release” or “hard shot” some teenybopper faints and Intern Jeff Skinner has to fetch the smelling salts again.

Jeez, with a smile like that you could see me a bridge and I’d tell you to keep the change.

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  1. I’m crying because this makes me so sad and so happy all at the same time.
    I had no clue what to do with myself after watching it, so I watched it again.

  2. Deanna Reply

    He has never looked more attractive to me. Holy crap.

  3. Liz Reply

    Is this even serious? He has never been this hot. I’ve never even found him remotely attractive until this lockout. I’m blaming Bettman for all of my feelings.

  4. I never consider myself a Sid-fangirl, but every once in a while he shows up looking like THIS, with that skin and a hairline that makes Jonathan Toews – and I say this with love – weep into his Rogaine, and I’m all: WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE SIDNEY CROSBY?!

    I miss the NHL.


  5. Rhonda Reply

    I go back and forth on Sid, and I think it’s not so much about him as other people’s reactions to him..the fanboys and the middle aged **cough, Pierre**’ creepers. He seems to have grown into himself somehow and seems more at ease lately.

    It’s also seemed to me that he almost seems kind of relieved to be getting screwed over with everyone else during this lockout, like maybe some of the wall between him and the other players has come down.

  6. The cameras cannot turn away from Sid’s beauty. Every time TSN reports on the lockout they seem to find Sid in a corner of an arena somewhere looking SO GODDAMN gorgeous I can’t turn away. And now this video? Now I know what everyone was losing their sh*t about on Twitter last night. His SKIN and that hair. UNFFFFF

  7. His hair. Oh Sweet Jesus, his hair.
    It is glorious.

    And why am I just noticing the eye crinkles. #sexyface

  8. TheSequinedPuck Reply

    Sid was my first love, the first name doodled all over my notebooks and just when i thought i could control myself, they come out with things like this…. *Sigh*…. But, can’t complain….

  9. Jacki Reply

    I have never been happier to live in Colorado than I am right now. Clearly, he just needs to stay here until the lockout ends.