Work Hard, Play Hard

Yesterday was pretty great.  What more could you want out of a vacation day spent shoveling mulch and mixing concrete?

Me, some guy, Josie, some other guys and Rhea

You should all come to the Kaboom Caps playground build next year, but only if you’re prepared to work your butts off.  We had a great time building equipment, even if it took a few tries, and doing manual labor on a gorgeous day.  Team Tiana – obviously we were assigned to a Princess team – included me, Jen (who refers to Nicky B as “Hanson” and then takes off singing) and  the awesome Josie (@jgoggs23) and Rhea (@raedanda).

Sure beats a day at the office.

Mike, Nick and Brooks arrived around 1 PM, did a bunch of interviews and then got right to work.  I don’t know why that impresses me so much because they look capable of lifting my car, but they were shoveling, carrying, raking and sweating with the rest of us.  Nicky accidentally shoveled mulch all over Josie – not exactly what she meant by “getting dirty,” but she’ll take it.

Josie and Nick make a great team.

One of the ladies who lived in the development said, “Hey, hockey player, let me get your autograph!” and he said, “Just the hockey player? That’s her then,” and pointed at me.  It was all chipmunk cheeks and talking about yard work – seriously, he’s Piglet.  He is also STRAPPING: that is the only word for him and must be in all caps at all times.  There should be a few !!!!!! too.

 (In)action shot

Sometime later, Mike grabbed a rake and started helping me.  It wasn’t even Monday!  I said, “Hi Mike,” like I’m a normal human and not the King from The King’s Speech trying to get all those words out at the end with the whole world listening.  Really impressive stuff.

Me and Mike, doing work.

He asked how I was and I replied, “OhmyGodIloveyourhair!” (or something) and we talked about the playground.  I managed not to put the rake through my leg.

Like I said: impressive.

I was almost a chalk outline on this patch of mulch.

He was soft-spoken, really nice and was just so… Mike Green.  Hormone tsunami warning.  Later we carried easels and on the way back,  I asked him for a picture.

If you’re keeping score at home, that’s two coherent conversations.

All roads lead to Mike.

He even smiled!  I’m pretty sure gravity multiplied and a bird dropped straight out of the sky.  He’s tall and healthy and gorgeous and scruffy.  His hair’s all long under that hat, I know it.  Please season, start on time….

Okay, now you just want more pictures:

Passing the weight limit test

Team Bromance

Brooks speaks perfectly about being perfect.

Skinny jeans, construction edition

The playground turned out beautifully, the day was really well-organized and there were lots of snacks.  The kids all got off the school bus to a totally revamped park and they were tiny balls of running and shouting happiness!

 At the end of the day, Rhea won a jersey signed by the whole team:

And Nicky said, “Give me a hug.”  How lucky can one girl be?!

It was great to meet Stacey, Alli (@alliknode) and her son Connor, who knows the way to my heart is through an awesome fauxhawk.  He was the hit of the party!  Check him out in the Caps Playground Build video, along with Rhea and Slapshot dancing.  Also District Sports Page has a ton of photos, including our group shot above and great one of Connor, Mike and Brooks.  Capitals Outsider also features Connor, of course.

Thanks again to Robin (@rockinredbirdie) for sending this in time for us to sign up!  I owe you some beers, girl.

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  1. Farah Reply


  2. This is without a doubt one of the coolest things to happen on this blog! For reals.

    Words cannot express how proud I am of you for speaking like a human being.

    I was really worried about this.

    • Pants Reply

      It would have been really hard to run away on the mulch. 😉


        Seriously. WUYS Webinar.

        Module 1: “Not Running Away”
        Module 2: “Not Crying”
        Module 3: “Making Words”

        • Agreed, cuz you don’t even wanna know about the crazy hot mess that I turn into when in the presence of Captain Seriously Sexy. Words? What are words? I need to learn your mystic ways Pants! Please teach us!

  3. Heather Reply

    BROOKS!!!!! That is all. LoL

    Way to go, Pants! TWO rational conversations AND a picture! And this on the heels of completing Tough Mudder? YOU. ARE. MY. HERO!!!!!

  4. Kitkat Reply

    OMG OMG OMG this is amazing! Way to go on the playground build and way to go on this post! You ladies continually make my day with this blog- especially all things Mikey & Nicky!!!! 🙂

  5. Jess Reply

    We did this is Nashville with the Preds last week. It was pretty awesome!

  6. Josie Reply

    Probably the one of the best days of my life, mulch in my face and all 🙂

  7. Ailey Reply


    • Josie Reply

      They were all surprisingly normal… I think we also had so much mulch ingested we weren’t in our right state either haha!

  8. Rhea Reply

    It was so much fun….back-breaking stuff but fun!

    I, for one, was not able to contain myself upon hearing my name for the jersey. ‘Thought I was winning a Nick Backstrom jersey (which would’ve been AWESOME!), but once I saw that Nick was pulling out a jersey with a whole lot more black scribbles, I was done for. A sound that I have never made before came out of my mouth, and Brooks, Mike and Nick all looked at me like I had just come out of a swamp, covered in mulch.

    So yeah…tried all day to contain, came out un-contained in the end. :p

  9. Cassy Reply

    You, Rae & Josie were with those three and you DIDN’T TELL ME!?

    You’ve got explaining to do ladies! 😉

  10. I give this and infinite thumbs up Pants. I might have to sign up and take some vacay of my own next year. It would be so worth the long road trip.

  11. Pants, I needed to fan myself at least 3 times during that post. I paid no attention to the baseball game in front of me, and I damn near fainted twice. Nice work with the photos. Soooooo jealous!

  12. Di Reply

    I’ve been reading your blog for like a year, and I just wanted to say you guys are awesome and hilarious.
    Just this post seeing Mike and Nicky…my day just got a whole lot better! I got so excited I spilled orange juice all over myself.

  13. MelTing Reply

    It’s so nice that you did all this volunteer work and got rewarded so perfectly! Congrats.

  14. Deb Reply

    *unintelligible noises*


    Revive me and sign me up for next year!

  15. jana Reply

    This is amazing! Both the volunteer work and meeting Mikey! Having met my hockey crush in August, I know speaking intelligently and trying not to come off as a blubbering idiot is easier said than done!

    Congrats, Pants!!! 🙂

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