Pro Summit Camp

In case you were getting nervous about the CBA deadline looming on Saturday, somewhere in Colorado… Crosbot, Gabe the Babe, Talbot, Duchene, Tavares and RNH were traning at Pro Summit Camp.

That short of breath feeling has nothing to do with altitude, y’all.

It’s just like summer camp, with Max as head counselor.  There are nature hikes:

Fishing  (Is there anything funnier than Matt Duchene?  Even when he’s not wearing waders?):

And bowling:

Apparently Gabe is not perfect in every way… lies. Show us proof.

When they’re not enjoying the great outdoors, rest assured the boys are working hard to be ready when the season starts on time (right?).

First their date at the Stanley Cup Finals in LA, now this – the Crosby and Duchene bromance is so promising! Sid can’t be all that boring if MD loves him.

What are they watching off-camera?  Landeskog do pushups?  Or more of this:

If they’re trying to rip this stick out of the guys’ hands, I volunteer to fail.  And then fall on top of whoever wins.

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  1. I want to sit around a campfire and make smores with them.

    Also, you know Talbot is going to bring the guitar and serenade us with French campfire songs. How do you say “Kumbahyah” in french?

    Dutchie is serious with that fishing gear. The Mad Fisherman! []

    • MouthGuard Reply

      Max’s way of saying “Kumbahyah” is “tatanne”… 😉

      Oh, and BTW: “Camp” Biosteel can suck it!!! This camp is more along the lines of a Club Med for Geeks. I LOVE IT.

      Somebody should do a “Camp Biosteel v Camp Pro Summit” camp-off. I’m throwing everybody down. Post pictures and conjure all sorts of silly stuff they’re doing/not doing and then have people vote on which camp is cooler.

  2. Gabriel. What sorcery. He is TOWERING. He is the SAME AGE as Nugent-Hopkins. Even Sid is under his spell. Look at that shoulder squeeze. It is brolove. There is no HINT of pockets.

  3. Val Reply


  4. I’m sorry, Sid’s arms have made it absolutely impossible to form a cohereant thought

  5. That 2nd picture…I think Max is morphing into the long-lost twin of George Parros!

  6. Rachel Reply

    I just can’t handle this. I give up. I am resigning myself to the SQUEE OMGOMGOMG WHAT NO THANK YOU BUT PLEASE YES.