Mikey Monday: Labor Day

Labor Day is “dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers,” according to the US Government.  To celebrate manual labor and capitalism, some of us have signed up for this:

Mike and Nicky and Brooks?  Oh my.  And playgrounds don’t have lockouts so this is really the best Plan B: Bonus in the world.  Registration is closed now, but if you’ve signed up please let me know!

A huge thanks to Robin (@rockinredbirdie) for making sure I didn’t miss this.  Also to Rae and Josie (who I hope signed up) and my friend Jen who only knows Nicky because she calls him Hanson and said, ” You had me at Mmmbop.”  Based on the entire house she’s renovating, she’ll have this locked up in an hour and we can all go for breakfast.

As for me, I’ve done a playground build, a deck and helped put an edition on my house.  Toolbelt and everything.  But that was with my dad.  Should we be taking bets on whether I’m able to operate simple tools in this company?


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  1. MattyD Reply

    Let’s hope you don’t arrive just as Mike is leaving…again.

  2. We want pictures, Pants!! And no getting arrested for kidnapping or inappropriate touching! If only I’d known about this, I may have had to make a detour on my way to PA for a family reunion. Damn. Next year!

  3. Godspeed Pants. I would never survive watching hockey players do manual labour, let alone being expected to be an active participant.

    PS – When Brooks gets tired and takes a break to drink a Diet Coke in slow motion, I expect you to capture that on video. Please and thank you.

  4. Pants Reply

    Jess, I love you so much you’re about to get your own category around here.