Birthday Boy: James Neal


It’s definitely been around here lately – we just can’t help ourselves.  Here’s James at the Altoona Curve game last week, talking labor disputes and lockouts:

Warning: The video is as shaky as if I were filming this.

And what James is doing with the rest of his summer:

The boys are looking pretty banged up, perhaps there was rafting while drinking?  I’ve been there.  Also, notice his right arm is down… so we will never see that tattoo.


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  1. MouthGuard Reply

    Two words: SUN BLOCK. He won’t have tons more birthdays if he doesn’t bust out the sun block. Also, hate to be a downer but he’s a VIRGO – specifically, a virgo man. #uptight #weird #anal #prissy

  2. Scarlett Reply

    I could have told you that MG. One word, hair.

  3. MB Reply

    I’m not putting anything past men, but maybe those are Camp BioSteel boo-boos?

    PS — Pants, I think the tattoo thing is a conspiracy. He’s messing with us. But remember, boys only tease the girls they like! 🙂

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