Just a Feeling

If there are two people I like more in hockey… well, there aren’t.


Tell me again why Cabbie doesn’t host the NHL Awards?  Or even present?

Oh Steven.

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  1. GOOD LORD! I nominate Cabbie for anything and everything NHL related…especially for taking over Pierre’s position.

    I almost died when he was talking about blackjack with King Henrik. Grateful I wasn’t there that night or I might have made an even bigger ass of myself than I did.

  2. There is never enough Cabbie in my life.

    Let’s start a twitter campaign – #CabbieforNHLAwardsHost

    Also, Steven Stamkos = superstar in every way possible.

  3. TAYLOR SWIFT STEALS ALL OF MY BOYFRIENDS. Seriously. She is everywhere.

    This might be the cutest video of all time. Cabbie is the HOCKEY PLAYER WHISPERER. Have you ever seen someone say “Hey Cabbie, know what? I’m not going to answer that.” No. You have not. Because he is a WIZARD.

    • Also – ONE HUNDRED POUND SQUAT JUMPS?!? My back is twisting itself into spasms just seeing that. I have a hard time with ten!