Camp BioSteel: Day 3

Another day.  Another video from Camp BioSteel.


FINALLY!  We were beginning to wonder about him….

He looks like he just woke up and hasn’t had his Paul Martin omelet yet.

Get that boy a bagel, stat.

BTW – Love that guy’s stank face on the right. It’s as if he realizes he’ll never be as good as Nail Yakupov.

This video, while not nearly exciting as Day 1 or Day 2, does have hot guys sprinting.

Obviously, they are participating in some hockey version of “The Hunger Games”, sprinting all out for the cornucopia and that backpack.

Our money is on Tyler Seguin.  He’s got that look of a Career Tribute.

For us personally, we’d like to see more working out in these videos.

More Steven Stamkos leaping tall buildings in a single bound.

More Tyler Seguin tossing medicine balls like they are nerf balls.

More shirtless massage montages.

And less of this.

His body is bangin’ for sure, but this caterpillar of a mustache just totally ruins it for us.

Especially when it makes him look like Luigi from Super Mario Brothers.



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  1. While outwardly Team Peeta, I was kinda also secretly Team Cato in the first book/movie because I’m an awful person so naturally the sprinting sequence totally does it for me. I was also kinda Team Thresh but I don’t think the casting was right as I was hoping in my mind. But I digress.

    Also, I know Amanda and I are the only ones who feel this way but, WHERE IS TAYLOR HALL?!? He was supposed to be there.

    • My expectations are low for day 4. Day 5 better bring it because they’re losing my interest. Something that is hard to do when hot men working out are involved.

      Step it up.

  2. Pants Reply

    My car was in the shop for two days. I just got the Nealmobile back and now James Neal appears at camp. That is not a coincidence, people.

    I think red shoelaces are the new black.

    Also, Intern Jeff Skinner does some mean inverted push-up things, which I think are called plank pull-ups. He’s been watching me train all summer for Tough Mudder.

    • Psst, Pants! Inverted Row.

      I only know because we have to do them for training. They’re definitely hard. Especially if his legs are out straight.

      • Pants Reply

        You always know it’s hard if it’s out straight.

        DAMN IT, AMANDA. I couldn’t not say that! I really tried, I even deleted it once. Bad Pants.

        • Heather Reply

          No, NOT “Bad Pants”! GOOD Pants! *lol*

        • Definitely took me a sec, hahaha. At first I was like “I know, right? I still have to keep my legs bent.”

          Then I was like “Oooohhhh I see what you did there, Pants.” ;]

        • OH ZING! 10 points for Pants.

  3. jana Reply

    Is it sad to admit that between Biosteel tweets, Instagram pics and daily videos, these three things are getting me through the week?

    I’m definitely going to be live streaming whatever it is they plan on showing tomorrow morning at work. Please God, let there shirtless hockey boys!