Mikey Monday: Miss This

On Saturday afternoon, NHL Network replayed the Caps’ triple-OT loss to the Rangers in Game 3 of last season’s playoffs.  I turned it on halfway through the third period… and proceeded to watch over 60 minutes of hockey knowing a) nothing happens and b) when something finally does, it’s horrible.

That’s how much I miss it.

These were taken by Pam (@sunnyinnj) on a day that she invited me to Caps practice and I had to work. That’s a mistake in priorities.

(Thanks, Pam!)

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  1. No prob! I’m ashamed to say that I watched the last 5 minutes of game 7 of that series today just so I could see the boys again.

    I want to point out in that second pic that Greenstrom was thisclose to giving us pictoral proof that they are the strongest bromance to ever exist in sports. Is it too much to ask for one hand holding session?