Foxy Friday: Furry and Fabulous

We all know that hockey players are foxy.  I mean, why else would we devote an entire blog day to them?

Also foxy – the same hockey players with puppies.


I double dog dare you to find anything foxier. (Don’t even try.  Because you won’t.)

This week’s Foxy Friday is dedicated to those furry and fabulous canine companions of our most popular Foxy Friday honorees…and a few that were just to adorable not to mention.

Teemu Dog

Landeskog Dog

Sharp Dog

Crosby Dog

Keith Dog

Campbell Dog

Letang Dog

Tazer Dog.
(Come on, Jonathan.  It’s an adorable puppy. Why so serious?) 

Eberle Dog.

Neal Dog.

Lundqvist Dog.
(also, can we talk about those hips? King Henrik’s, not the dog’s)


And the mutha of all…

Nash Dog!


Here are few that we just had to include.

Warning: Squeeee factor on these is about eleventy billion.

Nuge Dogs.

Colby Cohen Dog.

Parros and a very big puppy.


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  1. BKNY1999 Reply

    SWEET JEBUS! All that foxy with all those adorable puppies. Speechless……

  2. Deb Reply

    *sigh* The only thing better than hockey players and dogs is hockey players and babies.

    I love Nash Dog so much, I gratuitously ripped pages from my CBJ calendar to make multiple Nash Dog months. Sorry Vermette, I’m sure you understand.

    • Agreed. Hockey players and babies makes our ovaries ‘splode. Now if you had hockey players, babies, AND puppies – dead.

  3. Cassy Reply

    Where’s bRy and his cat?! Next week? Purease?!

    • We already mentioned Bobby Ryan and his kitty cat. Plus I’m a dog person, so they’ll always get my love.

  4. kitkat Reply

    It’s a good thing I didn’t see this until the end of my work day…. good lord the cuteness hurts! Even better would be a hockey player loving on MY puppy, she’s cute enought to pull that off.

  5. jana Reply

    I’m technically a cat person, but this post makes me happier than I care to admit. 🙂 I absolutely love everything about it!!

  6. Stephanie Reply

    Yeah! You left out all the adorable Hotties and their pussy…cats. Next week I’m sure!

  7. Deanna Reply

    If you’re trying to kill me, it’s working. I can’t handle all the adorable!

  8. MouthGuard Reply


    You missed A LOT of fuzzies, for sure, but that’s just the hockey gods’ way of telling you that you need to turn this into a REGULAR INSTALLMENT (hint hint hint). SO – next time, eh?!

  9. Alexandra Reply


  10. OMG! Today is my birthday and this just made it so AWESOME! Hockey players and puppies just makes me crazy happy or just crazy, can’t tell which one right now. I can’t stop smiling! The one of Seguin is my wallpaper on my laptop and my phone and my ipod and and and… and I’m a Blackhawks fan, but have been forced to surrender to the adorableness that is Seggy and Puppy!

    • Happy Birthday Stephanie!

  11. Becky Reply

    Tyler Seguin is worn out from all that speed dating he had to do at the Spinners game.

    Where is David Backes and his dogs? Since, you know, he rescues them and all. Next post?

  12. Jess Reply

    Needs more Geno and Jeffrey! Though I suppose a case could be made that he’s actually a moose, not a dog.