Swedish Meatball

With summertime and real-life work responsibilities and vacations, things have been a little slow around the WUYS office lately.

We’re running at like 50%, not able to post as much as we want and Intern Jeff Skinner is totally being a slacker.  He thinks he’s all hotshot with his new fancy contract.

We don’t care, Jeff.  You’re still our intern. Now fetch us some ice cold mexican coca colas!

Okay, now that he’s left the room, we have a confession to make.

We sort of feel bad for Jeff.  We’re making him work so hard this summer when he should be out enjoying his summer, just like Gabe Landeskog is.

Seriously. This kid is having the best summer ever.  And thanks to the wonder of the twitter, we all get to share it with him.

We love technology and hockey players who embrace it.

Here are some of our favorites….


Summer without hockey is really really hard, but Gabe the Babe is trying his hardest to cheer us up.

Thanks, buddy.

We’re feeling a much better now…



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  1. Good lawd. How is he only 19 years old?? That’s a lie, Gabe. A blood lie. Hockey needs to return this season because if I miss a game of #Landeskoging….

  2. He is inhumanly beautiful, but needs to cool it with the Vidal Sassoon because all that European Styling is a little much.

    I am also very much enjoying Tyler Seguin’s summer Twitter bromances. They take naps together. And they have a puppy! The too-muchness is too much!

    • Tyler tweeted that they’re road tripping to Boston this weekend!

      Gabe the Babe. God Bless.

    • MouthGuard Reply

      If he keeps this up, Head & Shoulders will be dropping King Henrik as their spokesMeatball in a New York minute. 😉

  3. jana Reply

    How did I miss the tennis pic of Gabe? Good Lord he’s beautiful!

    @Jess, I agree about the Tyler Seguin summer, too. I’m WAY too old for him, but I just find him adorable. I was lucky enough to meet him a couple weekends ago at a hockey charity event in MI. The road trip was worth every penny!!

  4. Kitkat Reply

    It is unfair to all men that Gabe looks this good….. In the words of Uncle Jesse- have mercy!!!!

  5. Rebecca Guilbert Reply

    You just need giant LOVE buttons on your posts on here…God he’s gorgeous…

    • I’ll get our web person right on those LOVE buttons. 🙂

  6. Deanna Reply

    Somehow I missed that tennis picture… so thank you for that! Excuse me while I re-hinge my jaw, though

  7. The tennis photo is awesome. I have no idea how I found it but am so glad that I did.