Foxy Friday: Steve Yzerman

For this week’s edition of Foxy Friday, I decided to jump in the WUYS TARDIS and go back in time to honor one of the foxiest (and talented) NHLers of all time…

Steve Yzerman

The former Detroit Red Wing and current GM of the Tampa Bay Lightning is a legend.

Plain and simple.

And if anyone tries to disagree with us,  I will take off my giant bamboo earrings.  Pants will kick off her heels.

The reasons why Yzerman is deserving of this honor are endless.   The smile and the sexy crow’s-feet are enough to do us in.  But there is just more to this man than that…

  • He played his ENTIRE 23 year career with the Detroit Red Wings.

(Pretty sure that guy in the locker next to him is naked…)

  • He was named captain of the Red Wings in 1986 at the age of 21 and wore the “C” for over 1,300 games.  He is the longest-serving captain of any team in North American major league sports history.  Now if that doesn’t say something about how people feel about this man, then I don’t know what does.


  • 3 Stanley Cups.
  • Winner of the Pearson Award, Conn Smythe, the Selke, Lester Patrick, and the Masterson Trophy.
  • 10-time NHL All-Star.


  • His #19 jersey was retired in 2007.  As an additional honor the captain’s “C” was added to the corner of his banner to forever commemorate him as “The Captain”.
  • 6th in NHL history in points, 8th in goals, and 7th in assists.
  • 1, 514 games played. 692 goals. 1,063 assists. 1, 755 points.  924 minutes of shame.
  • He was inducted into the NHL Hall of Fame in 2009, in his 1st year of eligibility.  Also inducted into the Ottawa Sports Hall of Fame, Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame and Michigan Sports Hall of Fame.

In 2004, Yzerman was hit in the eye by a deflected slapshot.  His orbital bone was broken and his cornea was scratched.

My father broke his orbital bone once.  It was pretty gnarly.  But not nearly as gnarly as Yzerman’s injury.

I can’t post the photo here for fear of grossing everyone but you can easily find it on the interwebs.  Beware – it is TERRIFYING.   And strangely sexy.

After his NHL career ended, Yzerman joined the front office for the Red Wings and is now the GM for the Tampa Bay Lightning.  He was instrumental in TB’s continued improvement and for re-signing Steve Stamkos.

We also like to think of him as Stamkos’ sage mentor.

We picture them standing in at center ice in a darkened arena, contemplating life, career, and the future of the Lightning.

It’s all very Mr. Miaygi/Daniel-san.

I think you get the point.

Steve Yzerman is awesome.  Awesome and FOXY to the max.


 P.S.  I just had to post this photo.  Because it makes me laugh.

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  1. Farah Reply

    YES!! Love it!

  2. SUCH a beautiful man. During the Olympics my company had a Canada Suite in downtown Vancouver and Stevie Y made an appearance. My boss, who knows nothing about hockey, met him and said to me after the Games, “I don’t know who that beautiful man was but damn was he gorgeous.” His Foxy powers know no limits.

    • Some men just look better as they get older. More rugged…more distinguished. He is definitely one of them.

      • CathyAnn Reply

        Not only is Stevie Y even more adorable as time goes by, his is also one of the smartest hockey minds ever, an incredibly nice guy, and still married to his high school sweetheart. I got to meet him at a Wings game (after he retired) with my niece, who was getting the royal treatment because she was being treated for leukemia (she’s fine now). He was the most down-to-earth, kind person. A picture of the three of us is right by my desk where I can look at it whenever I need inspiration.

  3. Pants Reply

    I support everything about this, especially the inclusion of the TARDIS, my third favorite vehicle after the Nealmobile and MG52’s Vespa.

  4. Deanna Reply

    Oh Captain, my Captain… Nothing could ever happen to make me stop loving Stevie Y. I was so lucky to grow up as a Wings fan and have him as the captain for the majority of my life. Great post!

    • Thanks Deanna! I’m not a Red Wings fan (but I do respect them) and i LOVE ME some Stevie Y. He’s class.

  5. How have I never noticed before that Lidstrom is a long-lost Swayze brother?!

    • RIGHT?!?!?? I totally noticed that in NL’s Foxy Friday post! UN-FREAKIN-CANNY.

      • NL should star in remake of “Roadhouse”. Pants would lose her MIND!

  6. EXCELLENT choice. I love when vintage hot becomes old-man handsome. He is deserving of the title “Handsome Years Old”, a distinguished club that includes Jon Hamm, Niklas Lidstrom and Patrick Sharp.

    • Also the title of “Mansome” would be appropriate. Because Steve Yzerman is a man…a hockey man.

  7. Kathleen Klocke Reply

    Great choice. Never thought I would see a reference to the TARDIS on a hockey blog!! Love it!!!!

  8. I can only hope there’s a Joe Sakic Foxy Friday somewhere in the lineup too.

  9. MouthGuard Reply

    An absolutely perfect post. Perfect pictures. Perfect prose. Perfect Pants.


  10. christy Reply

    This is why I love this page – The Captain and the TARDIS together – awesome!!!

    StevieY in Tampa allows me to adopt The Lightning as my Eastern Conference team since the loss of the Thrashers here in Atlanta.

  11. Beanie Reply

    You know that the naked guy is Shanny right