I’m a Winner Either Way

When we first heard about Smashfest, the Dominic Moore-organized NHL ping pong tournament benefitting concussion research, there was some high-pitched screaming.  Are you offering me a comically competitive sport, beer AND Steven Stamkos?  All you want is money?!

Why Am I Not Canadian? Episode #247

I believe we came up with this idea during a playoff intermission when there were no Mites on Ice to entertain us.  It might have specified beer pong or strip ping pong (I played that once, try it), but Claude Giroux has that market cornered for the summertime.

The NHL lineup goes on…

But obviously the most important part is this:

SHANNON MOORE.  That’s me!  Ever since my wedding, my goal in life was a photo of Ryan & Dom standing next to each other in their Lightning jerseys with my full name spelled across their shoulders.  (Dream big, kids.)  Damned trades to the Sharks!

But I’ve found my consolation prize, in the final round of Smashfest 2012:

Final Round: Team Moore vs. Team Shannon

Notwithstanding the performance of Team Rookie of My Life Logan Couture, or the fact that ping pong is apparently the only thing Stamkos isn’t perfect at, I have won this tournament either way!  And for that, I’d like to thank whoever is sending me to Canada to preside over next year’s event.

Gratuitous photo of why I don’t care if you’re any good at ping pong…

All the photos from the event [link] – enjoy!

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  1. “Why am I not Canadian?” Something I ask myself every. Single. Day.

    True Life: I’m Fauxnadian.

    Summer is SO good to Steven Stamkos.

  2. BRB. Booking a one-way ticket to Canada…at least until the season starts (I refuse to entertain the L-word) and they all export once again