Tee Time

Somewhere in the world, Jonathan Toews is playing golf [link].

It’s July.  Work with us on the “news” here.

It’s for a good charitable cause too –  not just an excuse to dust of the old “Toews Does Squats” category.

Okay, it’s arguably not a squat.  But who says Captain Wonder Bread is not fun?  What are you looking at, Jon?  Can you really see better now?  This is so gratuitous it’s practically a Magic Mike dance move – forget quiet golf-clapping.  We brought US Dollars (none of that coin currency nonsense).

Someone filmed this and lived to upload it.  Or maybe it shared itself like the video from The Ring and now that you’ve seen it…

Jonathan was also nice enough to ruin the expectations of these two little girls before they even had a chance to like normal boys:

A lot of stories are reporting that Tazer is calling and texting players as part of the Hawks trade and recruitment strategy for the off-season.  Don’t all captains do this?  It didn’t work on Parise, but might work on Shane Doan [link].

Also, we get unlimited text messaging.  Just saying.

Enjoy the part at 3:12 where Jon actually cheats.  At a sport.  While laughing.  See?  Sense of humor!

(This one is for Amanda, Lindsay, Jess and Alison.  By the power of Twitter.)

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  1. Is there anything better then Jonny Toews?! I really don’t think so! Once again ladies, you’ve brightened my day with your post! “Jonathan was also nice enough to ruin the expectations of these two little girls before they even had a chance to like normal boys” Hilarious!

  2. Standing O for Captain Do-These-Shorts-Make-My-Ass-Look-Big-Enough. BRA. VO. Congratulations on your face and body.

    Also, better to ruin their expectations while they’re young than to make them rethink their life choices as an adult. I mean, or so I’ve heard.

  3. Stephanie Reply

    9 more days until I see that glorious man in person 😀 Is there anything that he can’t do and do absolutely perfect?!? And you’re so right, behind that oh so serious exterior is a gorgeous man who has a boyish sense of humor, just look at how often he “photo-bombs” or rather “interview-bombs” his teammates since most of them are video. Exhibit A: http://video.blackhawks.nhl.com/videocenter/console?catid=690&id=99714
    Exhibit B(utt): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YI-fKO4ZAP4
    Exhibit C: http://video.blackhawks.nhl.com/videocenter/console?catid=690&id=100499
    Exhibit D: http://video.blackhawks.nhl.com/videocenter/console?catid=1106&id=129187
    And the most distracting interview ever: http://video.blackhawks.nhl.com/videocenter/console?catid=1111&id=150850
    It’s sad that he can do this even when fully clothed, I’m a lost cause.

    • Ashley Reply

      thank you for bringing that interview into my life…biting his lip after 4:00 mark, i melted.


      But take away my fangirl card because I had never seen “Exhibit C” before. Bless you, friend.

      • Stephanie Reply

        I still have no idea what any of the actual players being interviewed say during those videos.

  4. Veronica Reply

    I too will be in Chicago for the convention. I cannot wait to see him (again) in person!!! He is so beautiful, words cannot even do justice!

    Are either of you willing to meet up at some point? Just let me know!

    • Sure! I’d love to meet up 🙂 Yay for new friends!

    • Stephanie Reply

      Count me in too! Less than a week now!

      • Veronica Reply


        My email is vronnie19@gmail.com and my cell is 919-673-8632. I can get my emails on my phone and I am better with texts than actual phone calls!

        I am flying in on Thursday morning and am staying at the Chicago Hilton. Just let me know what you guys want to do!