Eh, Cake Please.

We just had to give a big shout out to WUYS guest blogger, Aaron, and his lovely bride Dana on their wedding this past weekend.

Not only did they commit their lives to each other, but they also celebrated with this cake.

They are true and loyal hockey/Kings fans.  (Also, this cake looks really yummy.  Now we’re craving cake…)

Mazel Tov, you crazy kids!

May you be blessed with long lives, lots of love and hockey playing babies.

We already have some names picked out for you.

Dustin.  Jonathan.  Darryl.  Anze.

Follow Aaron on the twitter at @badmovienitecom 

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  1. Aaron Reply

    Thanks, Erica. It was a truly magical day. I’m liking those name suggestions…

    • Chuck Reply

      Dustin Anze Vaccaro has a nice ring to it.

  2. Pants Reply

    I love this! I wanted the Penguins ice cream cake they make at Baskin Robbins in Pittsburgh, and Matt figured he could put it in a cooler and race the 7 hour drive to my parents’ house… with a puddle of cake. BOOOO!

  3. Carlton Philley Reply

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