Five Alive

Oh, Foxy Friday. You never disappoint.

Well, sometimes you disappoint when you shave your goatee into a mustache that means you’re not allowed within 100 feet of a playground.

But then, you score the goal that keeps your team’s dream alive:

And somehow, magically, in the post-game your ‘stache has is approaching the border between ‘okay’ and ‘OKAY?!’

Our cries of, “WTH, who shaves in the playoffs?” were for nothing.  Shaving in the playoffs is the new black.  Henrique ditches the goatee, scores the GWG.  Clarkson removes his beautiful ruddy beard and gets an assist.  The entire Devils squad will be shorn for Game 5.

As you know, Henrique scored the series-ending double OT goal vs. Florida and the series-ending single OT (boring!) goal vs. New York.  The Calder Trophy voting for Rookie of the Year is only supposed to encompass the regular season – have they already voted?  It’s completely unfair if they haven’t, since neither Nugent-Hopkins or Landeskog reached the post-season.  Still, how can this performance not count?!  There’s no impartial jury out there now.

I felt bad that so many people paid so much money to see their team win at home – I dream of this someday being me.  That was quickly outweighed by my selfish desire for hockey season to last all year.  What else can make us so deliriously happy, gut-wrenchingly sad and seat-shiftingly uncomfortable?

Mike Richards.  Chuck called him a “dark swarthy pirate of love” for this look.  I think he’s starting to resemble an Ewok in the Witness Protection Program.  Pierre, of course, is on a first date.  Watch him do the ‘casual arm-swing’ hoping to brush against Mike.  We know all your tricks, little man!!  He’s going to walk Mike right to his door and hope to be invited in.

ACK.  I just threw up in my mouth a little.

Anyway, back to work for both teams Saturday night.  It’s a chance for the Devils to really make this one interesting, or the Kings to extend their record road-game streak.  Either way, I’m glad to get one more game out of this season.

Again? High five.

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  1. The creeper ‘stache provides magical powers. First Ryan Carter and now Adam Henrique. Maybe if Clarkson had shaved everything but the ‘stache he wouldn’t have had that crap penalty called on him….

    • Tiffany (@tiff61243) Reply

      omg that penalty. what were the refs thinking. when announcers say that was a bad call, you know it’s bad. and we just had to let them have a ppg. UGH! my heart just dropped

  2. Tiffany (@tiff61243) Reply

    Is my boy geat or what?!!!!! Clutch is the most appropriate word to describe in this postseason! 3 of his 4 goals are gwg AND game changers!!!! I knew he was something special when I first laid eyes on him :)))))))!!! The power of the ‘stache! From that side angle, it’s a no-do for me. I am certainly not a fan of them and his goatee grew on me so fondly. But when he smiles, it’s not so bad.

    And if he doesn’t get Calder, and I’m not including the postseason, I will be really upset with the NHL for more than their officiating. Two be the final 3 finalists and only being 1 point behind a 2-way tie for 1st is amazing. It is amazing-er because he is a 2008 3rd round draft pick. You don’t see that!!! I really do hope he gets it. He deserves it. He helped out the Devils when Zajac’s replacement Josefson broke his clavicle. Those were some pretty big shoes he had to fill and he did it perfectly.

    I love him :). Go Devils!!! Keep the faith and believe! I knew yesterday was your day! All the signs pointed to it!

  3. MouthGuard Reply

    I have been saying FOREVER that as much as I love beards on the right hockey players, the “playoff beard” thing has RUN ITS COURSE. I’m over it. I’m more into guys just having beards just because, at anytime. Movember is lots more interesting to me, and for a good cause. I think it’s time for these boys to dream up a new playoff superstition tradition. Like NO FACIAL HAIR, maybe? That would be too obvious. But hopefully they could get the creative juices flowing and think of something new and fun. The beards should be put to sleep during the playoffs. It’s too much, already.

    So happy the Devils pulled this one off. Like I said, contests are fun. 🙂 How about a series?!

  4. Wait wait, which part is ACK throw up in mouth gross: Mike Richards inviting dudes in, or specifically Pierre? Because if it’s the latter, well yeah. Throw up party.

    • Just Pierre. Anyone else, rock on.

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