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The Kings won again, they always do. I’ll let Chuck or Dawn recap it for you.  The game was exceptionally fun to watch, since I don’t really care about the outcome.  But here’s something I do care about:

HEY SID!  He was on to Jumbrotron and, of course, promptly booed.  Genius.  He hasn’t played against the Kings since November 2009.  What are you booing?  Because the Kings have half the Flyers, you want to boo Crosby?  Because the Kings made a Verizon commercial where they play the Flyers?  Oh shut up.  Boo Matt Duchene, he matters against your team!

(Sorry, /endrant.  It actually makes me laugh.)

Some of us were thrilled to see Sid.  He told HNIC that he feels good and is training hard.  The fact that Duchene was in the same suite almost makes Crosby look fun, no?  A little?  Eh, we can’t have everything.

Here are the celebs they could muster up for a Monday night in LA.  We want to sit by Alyssa Milano, she looks suitably concerned even when her team is winning.  And we all look good in her Touch women’s team gear.

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  1. Lorelei6903 Reply

    Mmmmmmmm….Sid is looking gorgeous! Can’t wait to watch him play again. Go Kings Go!

  2. This may have been the best part of Game 3, aside from Jeff Carter scoring. And I’m not afraid to say it: Sid you are even more gorgeous in a luxury box than you are on the ice. Hot. Like. Fire.

  3. Anonymous Reply

    Unbelievable. Hot…melting the ice hot. I’m dead. Didn’t see the interview. Anyone have the link?