Foxy Friday: Adam Henrique

Intern Jeff Skinner is pissed.

Last year, zero Calder Trophy finalists were featured as Foxy Fridays.  Not even Rookie of My Life Logan Couture, and not counting the time Jeff posted a picture of himself holding a baby.  Zero legitimate Foxy Fridays.

This year, we’re giving them out like candy.  First Landeshirtless over there in Sweden, and that was just for falling on his face.  Now, and perhaps the most deserved Foxy Friday of the year: Adam Henrique.

We could give him three separate Fridays, really – one for his face, one for his goatee and one for this sweatshirt.  Do the Devils live in a pajama factory?  Can we go to there?  Throw in a couple of heart-stopping, dream-ruining goals and Adam could get a whole month of Fridays.

As we said in our Puck Daddy Beard Watch post, we are BIG FANS of this goatee.  He looks like the devil from a movie, who talks you into all kinds of really good bad ideas.  Right?  He’s all, “Hi, I’m Adam,” and you’re like:

(Intern Jeff Skinner just threw down his notebook and stormed out.)

Henrique grew up on a farm in Ontario – not sod, but still.  What goes on up there?!  He spent last season with my hometown-ish Albany Devils.  After a rough 2011 training camp, Adam was sent back to Albany, just to be recalled a week later to replace an injured player.  He stayed put in NJ and had 16 G/35 A in the regular season.

Don’t worry, this was his September hair.

He was named to the 2012 NHL All-Star Rookie team, but missed the event due to a groin injury.  Double bummer, as his family would have been there.  NYR’s Carl Hagelin replaced him and got a Foxy Friday out of it.  Cheater.

Cheekbones aside, Henrique is having a heck of  a playoff.  He scored the double-OT, game seven winner to eliminate Florida and move the Devils to Round 2 for the first time in five years.  Then he scored the game six OT winner that ended the Rangers season.  Did we mention he’s a rookie?

On that goal, NJ advanced to the Stanley Cup Final for the first time in nine years.  Does anyone know the record for most playoff series-ending OT goals in a season?  I bet it’s two.  And they both feel like:

SCF Game 1 didn’t go NJ’s way, but still needed OT to be decided.  Here are Zajac and AH talking about the loss [video].  It’s mopey – we recommend admiring his hairline instead.  It’s the most perfect example since *N Sync’s plastic helmet hair in the “It’s Gonna Be Me” video (BRB, dance break).

Instead here’s Adam failing the NJ Devils History Quiz – he’d never make it in a pageant – then contesting the results [video].  He even knocks Wikipedia.  Shall we go over there and add to his page?

Saturday Night is date night with Adam and Game 2 at 8 PM Eastern.  The Kings have won 211 nine straight playoff road games.  A win in New Jersey tomorrow would give them the NHL record for longest streak.  Remember though, the Devils lost the first games to both Philly and New York.  While those teams works on their tans, New Jersey and Los Angeles will step back into the ring.

You, feel free to wear your pajamas.

Sweatshirt appreciation, courtesy of

Helpful Hint: Pronounce the “H” in Henrique.  Adam does. [video]

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  1. Ugh, working with Intern Jeff Skinner is going to be so difficult now. He’s going to be all pouty and grumpy. We might have to take him to lunch at Chuck E. Cheese to make him feel better.

    The photo of AH smiling…swoon. That is some serious sexy time going on right there.

    The sweatshirt collage is brilliant. I love me some hooded sweatshirts. But not on a first date. That is automatic grounds for dismissal. Although if Adam Henrique showed up at my door, I might have to change my mind.

  2. Poor Intern Jeff Skinner! I almost feel sorry for….wait, the AH smiling photo distracted me in the way that a Kris Letang hair toss would!!! 🙂 Chuck, “serious sexy time” is SPOT ON!!! Yummy.

    I love hoodies, too. I’m told that they call them “Bunny Hugs” in Alberta, though. If AH showed up at my door calling his attire a “Bunny Hug,” I would simply melt into a puddle at his feet!!!

  3. Tiffany Reply

    FIIIIII-NAAAAAA-LLLLLLLYYYYYY!!!!!!!! WUYS, I love you even more. You made my Friday right now. When I got this email, my heart oddly dropped, but of joy! I friggin love this kid (or quite obsessed, but that don’t matter!). Last Friday, after Adam scored the OT winner knokcing out the Rags, I was saying to myself while high-fiving random people in my Henrique jersey at Buffalo Wild Wings, Adam better get Foxy Friday next week, haha! And alas! He did!!!!!!!!!!!! I didn’t even read the article yet. Just looked at the pictures and went straight to here. That gif of Zach shaking Adam is just pure love. Adam is already a legend, with 2 of his 3 goals this post season being game winners advancing the Devils into the next round!

    Now I know you guys are rooting for the Kings (I read that somewhere?!), but I just have to say LET’S GO DEVILS!!!!!!! We are bouncing back to win the cup!!! History is on our side more ways than one!!!!! Now, I should really get back to work, but I’m going to read this article first 😀

  4. Tiffany Reply

    Oh and I should mention when I found that video of Adam failing on the Devils quiz a few weeks ago, I feel more in love. The look on his face when he didn’t know what year the Devils began was pure Innocence!!!!!!! I put that link up on my Tumblr (which is basically an Adam Henrique shrine) right away! And again with that gif, I don’t know if I want to be Zach because of the way Adam has his arms around him or if I want to be Adam having Zach shake and hig me like that. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. ah, i knew this day would eventually come 🙂 thanks ladies! he is part of my devils love trifecta — zp being my husband, clarky being my bf on the side, and heny being my current hot & steamy affair. [i assign players for those 3 roles on all of my favorite teams, its a very fun game!]

  6. Well – I suppose Intern Jeff Skinner can take solace in the fact that Sean Coutourier will likely never get a FF mention (the Flyers koolaid required for that to happen would be waiting-for-the-spacecraft-hiding-behind-the-HaleBopp-comet strength).

    PS – Landeshirtless. Priceless. Also, *flail* that is not a child.

    PPS – I guess Intern Jeff Skinner will have to graduate soon. The boys at this year’s draft were born in NINETEEN NINETY-FOUR. Raise your hand if you were jamming out to Ine Kamoze “Here Comes The Hot Stepper” in junior high in 1994 and not, oh I don’t know, being born.

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