Not Quite Mikey Monday

Ever think you could watch a good-looking guy just do nothing all day?


Since we missed Memorial Day Mikey Monday yesterday, the lovely Katie Howell sent us this workout video.  I have to do these planks endlessly for Tough Mudder training, so I should clearly be going to Mike’s gym.  He doesn’t look at all like he wants to die, or surrender into downward dog for a break.  He’s just chilling, or even bored.  On second thought, maybe I shouldn’t go to his gym.  No one wants to step over my dead body on the floor.

It’s going to be a long summer.  Get back on the Instagram, Mike!

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  1. Ailey Reply

    Just 3-inch pumps? I’m confident he has more to offer.

    • Maysee Reply

      I agree with you Ailey. I think he can offer way more than that

  2. Those pumps are just a tease…I may have had a minor brain meltdown for a second. Then I remembered that he can do 3 inch pumps, but Brooks does one-legged squats