Pancakes For Everyone – Uno, Dos, Adiós!

My cats have banned me from the TV. Osiris Jones actually mews at anyone who swears. True Story. And there was a ton of it tonight. I swear like a sailor and many of Mr. Cherrie’s friends think I learned it from him but actually, I taught him pretty much everything he knows. My grandfather worked on the railroad in the Great Depression.

Winner, Winner, Pancake Dinner!

I told Mr. Cherrie when the game went into O.T. Pancakes was going to get the GWG. He just rolled his eyes at me since everyone was calling it the Radim Vrbata show.

I only wish I had this much time on my hands ….

And Drew Doughty was a man on fire and I have officially decided he has earned his own version of the Gordie Howe Hat Trick – THE DREW DOUGHTY HAT TRICK: he shoots a GOD D#$M LAZER ROCKETbut someone else taps, touches, directs, goes off their skate, pad, face or otherwise touches the pucks so he only gets the assist on an otherwise masterful shot. But that’s OK because he’s one cool cat and a goal is a goal.

The win didn’t come without controversy when Brown took out Rozsival with a devastating hit and a penalty wasn’t called because the Coyotes were off-sides. Just after Rozsival was taken off the ice, LA scored and the hand shake line was less than cordial with the classy Coyotes fan throwing crap on to the ice.

Pancake’s interview after the game was self-deprecating referring to Quick as Mr. Vezina-Smyth. He also said that he was going to enjoy this trip to the Stanley Cup more than the last.

Stat Girl has a few things to tease your brain with:

LA KINGS are the first 8th seed EVER to dispatch the 1st, 2nd and 3rd seed teams.

LA KINGS have broken the NHL record with 8 straight road wins in a play-off season.

LA KING have broken the NHL record with 10 straight road wins in consecutive seasons.

So a BIG WUYS congratulation LA KINGS! Here’s to your second trip ever to the Stanley Cup Finals.

As Cartman loves to say: “GO KINGS GO!”

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  1. pointtakenhowever Reply

    The Kings look great in this playoff run. Very impressive.

    So many captains acting out though. Is it because it’s the cup? 🙂 remember how everyone had their panties in a bunch when Sid assaulted a GLOVE? We were all so innocent then.

    • Dawncherrie Reply

      You are offically BANNED from saying THAT! HISTORY WILL BE MADE – FORVER – is anyone else offended that Nashville fans watch their games in a tent? SRSLY? ANYONE?!

  2. Drew Doughty was pitching some fits worthy of Intern Jeff Skinner and I loved him for it. He practices with the tots in the Target cereal aisle, rolling in a ripped open box of Lucky Charms.

    Extremely impressive show by the Kings. Living on the West Coast was so much better for late-night overtime excitement, but even Mr. Pants grounded his video game jet to watch the end of this one.

  3. MouthGuard Reply

    I really enjoyed this game until things started getting fugly leading into OT. Doughty’s potty mouth should have earned him an unsportsmanlike, but it sure was fun to watch (as always! brush up on your lipreading!) and considering the officiating was randomer than usual I guess it’s not surprising he didn’t have more time tacked onto his penalty. But the fun kinda went away when Smith lost his glove. The competitive energy shifted and turned into negative vibes all around. You could tell he was upset – understandably – and both teams just got sucked into the negativity. The Coyotes were pissed and the Kings lost their composure save for Quickie.

    I want the Kings to win it all – picked them way back in September to win it all – but if they can’t win clean I won’t be down with it. I’m sick of teams ruining legitimate victories – TAINTING valiant efforts – by breaking form and pulling stupid crap that undermines everything. It broke my heart when the Pens did it, when Nashville did it and even though I’m not a Flyers fan, I hated to see them degenerate to the extent that all anybody talked about afterward was what a freaking waste they turned out to be. It’s just not fun to watch. They’re excusing it by calling it “passion”. People are allowed to make mistakes but there’s a fine line between screwing up and being a poor sport – whether it means you’re making underhanded plays or being a jackass in the handshake line. I’m tired of it.

    Dustin Penner was the hero of the game, along with Mr. Vezina-Smythe. But his post-game was mired with distraction. Reporters at the presser were asking him about the other Dustin, and on the ice fans were jeering because of all the drama from both teams. People barely cared that he’d just scored the goal of his career. Fans were either throwing crap on the ice because they were upset or they were trying to acknowledge their home team on a great series and season, but again – nobody was paying attention because they were yapping to the officials or b***hing amongst themselves or whatever. When the Coyotes finally got around to saluting their fans (hello!), it was almost an afterthought. And we know what went down during handshakes.

    On top of all this, nobody noticed that after the “hit”, Kopitar flew across the ice like a pumpkin slingshot. He’s like 6’2″ and weighs well over 200 lbs. Bottom line: When you make reckless plays, you don’t just endanger your opponents – you risk injuring your own linemates. Brown needs to dial it back for the Finals.

  4. Dawncherrie Reply

    Well put it but the officiating needs to be fair and top notch to keep the game grounded and this just SUCKED for both sides. I ahve no idea what game they were at but it wasn’t this one. Doughty did have every right to get angry because both calls were WRONG. As for Brown, he does play on the edge and Doan has NO PLACE to get his panties in a wedge. The only real reason this hit is a big deal is because it was OT and the GWG came so quickly after. If those two things hadn’t taken place, this would be a blip on the radar. The Kings haven’t shown any real poor sportsmanship – honestly. Doughty has ALWAYS had a potty mouth – that is nothing new.

    • My favourite quote was Mike Smith saying Brown should be “done forever.” Done….growing a beard because he looks like Mickey in Snatch? Done…having children? Yes to both but if you’re insinuating he should be done playing forever I have two words for you: Raffi Torres. Also your teammate. Shut it Smith!

      • Dawncherrie Reply

        This also coming from the person who chop-sueyed Dustin Brown in the back of the knees … don’t forget that! which was the epitome of “Class”. 🙂