Would You Rather…

The Rangers and Kings are up 1-0 in their respective series(es?).  Tonight’s game isn’t till 9 PM.  Otherwise, it’s a slow news day.  Dale Hunter quit his job coaching the Caps (we are available!).  You could watch the Capitals exit interviews – Nicky (how many chains are you wearing?), Mikey (why is your hat so big?) – but they’re terribly sad.  How can we be happy instead?

Let’s play Would You Rather.

Would you rather have a half-hug from Viktor Stalberg:

Or Gingeroux’s plaid suit (you can hug sad Max after):

Or no hug, but stand near awkward Crosby as he tries to fit his giant hands into tiny pockets?

Would you rather have Sid give up his pockets to carry your stuff:

Or ask Jordan Eberle because today is his 22nd birthday?

Would you rather have Toews in spandex:

Or Nealmobile?

Would you rather have Karl Alzner with a beard:

Or no beard, add puppies?

Would you rather have this guy babysit:

Who is this?  The kid is Danny Briere’s son Caelan.

Or Crosby take your kids out for a lap around the block?

See what happens when my teams are out of the playoffs?  It’s going to be a long summer, get ready for a lot of these. 😉


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  1. michelle Reply

    oh i LOVE these! i am so glad you guys go year round, i was so afraid you would close up shop til October. since we just discovered you this season, i wasn’t sure!
    Gingeroux in the plaid suit, pretty please with sugar on top.

  2. Josie Reply

    Karl with a beard 🙂

  3. veronica Reply

    Toews in spandex, gear, jeans, suit, nothing and anything for me please!

  4. Lorelei6903 Reply

    SID! Anytime. Anywhere. Anyhow. Even though the Kentucky derby pics were a little weird and I didn’t quite understand why he was there. Maybe he really likes horseys. That pic of Nealer. Is that a black ball laying on the floor in the background or a black bag? Because it looks like…um, well…I guess my dirty mind is at work. Hahaha

    • I’m wondering the exact same thing about Neal…

      • It’s his, um, protective gear. The screenshot is from NHL36.

  5. Sid. UNF.
    He can carry my things if I can touch those arms.
    Then I’ll buy him grey v-necks for each day of the week.

  6. Anonymous Reply

    It’s rare that a Sid pic is not my favorite part of a post, but that little hockey outfit and those wee skates, so so cute.

  7. scorpiosue1102 Reply

    Decisions, decisions…..

    -Gingeroux in a plaid suit
    -Sid can carry anything, anytime for me
    -Toews or Nealer???? I just can’t choose. It’s like picking which child is your favorite.
    -Sid + kids = win

  8. Stalberg hugs (provided he forgets to button his shirts)
    Sid’s plaid shirt (yes, I know I already chose Viktor but shhhhhh)
    Sid carrying flats of pop (so Canadian!) – has he gotten a second job working at a bar?
    Toews in spandex. Doing squats. Specifically for this blog.
    And Sid babysitting – which has to be one of the greatest pictures evarrrrrrr

  9. Sid, Sid, and more Sid. Oh, Toews and his spandex can come, too.

    Love this.

  10. Hard choices but gotta go:
    -Toews over everything and anyone
    -Beard (any made with some scruff means business)
    -kid going in the garbage

    I love the blog. I was just thinking a few days ago where’s a hockey blog written by women with the perfect mix of yumminess and serious hockey, and here it is. Keep up the good work ladies!

  11. Jen Reply

    Late to the party, but!

    Giroux — I like Stalberg but there are Swedes I like even more, and I have a weakness for that French-Canadian accent.
    Eberle! <3_<3
    Hmmmmmmmmmmm, I think I have to go with Nealer on this one. But it's the closest call out of the lot.
    Beard, oh yes.
    Tiny child in tiny hockey gear, upside-down = adorable