Foxy Friday: Shane Doan

I forgot it’s Friday!  One night with zero hockey and I lose my mind, people.

Good thing I had already selected this week’s Foxy Friday: Shane Doan.

Things that are foxy:

– Birthdays the day, but not the year, before mine (Libras FTW!)

– Smiling even more than Intern Jeff Skinner

– Wilderness activities

– Eligible for my fantasy hockey team, The Hot Dads

– Still in the playoffs

Captain Coyote and his troops will begin their Western Conference Final series again the LA Kings on Sunday.  This season marks the first time the Coyotes have ever made it past the first round, and now they’re through the second.

Shane grew up in Alberta at his parents’ ranch that was also a Christian summer camp.  Doan debuted with the Winnipeg Jets in 1995, then moved the next year with the team to Phoenix.  He’s been in the desert ever since.

He and his brother were contestants on a Canadian reality TV show called “Mantracker” in April 2011.  They outpaced a professional tracker for 36 hours to win their segment.  I’m sure this is very exciting, but frankly Canada, I am not impressed.  Given the collective foxiness of your citizenry, I suggest something more like Canada’s Next Top Model Winter Athlete Who Does Squats.

Perhaps categories on this show can include wearing suspenders and squatting 200 pounds.  Contestants should also have a sense of humor for things like this:

Late in 2005, Doan was involved in a controversial defamation case against a Canadian Parliamentarian for an alleged on-ice derrogatory comment [link].  He’s been suspended twice (10/10 and 3/12).  This season, he had 50 points and has 6 so far in the playoffs.

I am so happy to see Shane Doan this late in the playoffs.  He’s one of those guys that’s been around forever and this could be his best shot at a Cup before retirement.  Can the Coyotes stop the landslide that is the LA Kings?  Can this beard grow all the way up to his ears?  We’ll find out soon enough.

Included in our Puck Daddy: Playoff Beard Watch this week, because we love it.

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  1. I never noticed the Intern Jeff Skinner resemblance until now! Wow. Despite the fact that I’m rooting for the Kings, I do sort of like Shane Doan. He just seems like a good old fashioned Calgarian (sp?) cowboy with excellent hair.

    • MouthGuard Reply

      He’s a cowboy for sure but he grew up worshipping the Oilers so you better take that Calgary reference back asap!!! 😉 He’s still pretty adamant about hating the Flames. ??? I know, but it’s like a Habs/Nordiques thing. You can’t like ’em both.

      I also am happy to see him in these playoffs. He’s a terrific leader and deserves special props for helming a team that has experienced so much adversity over the years. I too am rooting for the Kings but I won’t be upset if the Coyotes go to the SCF.

      Bonus points for the gif of him laughing in front of a sign that says “DONUTS”. I loved this part of his post-game, but I only now just noticed that he’s standing in front of the DD sign. Even better!

  2. I apologize on behalf of my country for our lame reality TV. Canada’s Next Top Winter Athlete Who Does Squats sounds like the best show ever. I aleady have the contestant list in mind…

  3. Ash Reply

    Have you been introduced to Zach Bogosian yet?!
    Love his eyebrows. 😉