S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y Night!

Last night’s Caps/Rangers Game 6 was officially the most fun I’ve ever had at a hockey game.  Maybe it was the Jeff Schultz Fan Club in front of us at warm-ups – hey, there really is someone for everyone.  Maybe it was the “Let’s Let Karl’s Dogs Out” sign or the Flo Rida dance party.  It could have been this hug from iCarly:

We sat with the near the best people ever.  To our left, a mom with an adorable 1-year old baby girl in her lap.  She passed said baby to dad so she could have her hands free when yelling, “Call something, you blind $&#*@*^ ref!!” at the top of her lungs.  The guys behind us were doing NHL Mystery Science Theatre 3000 – I wish I’d recorded them.  Gems like:

Person in crowd: “Let’s go Rangers!”

Guy behind us: “I can’t hear you over the winning!”

Instead of a tired, boring “Lundqvist, you suck!”, we got, “Who puts a V after a Q?!”  and a million more.  It helped reduce the tension of holding my breath for sixty minutes.

There were also a couple of goals.  (In Russian, I love the way he says, “Green.”)

Nicky lost his helmet and we all swooned like Disney princesses.  All 4 feet, 11 inches of Keith Aucoin was getting in Brian Boyle’s… well, somewhere around his rib cage, I guess, but it looked feisty.  Joel Ward got a HUGE cheer when announced in the starting lineup.  Chimera was a beast – he wanted to fight so badly, but we prefer when he scores.  Best facial expression of the night:

Holtby was outstanding.  You should see all the 70 shirts in this place now.  He woulda (shoulda, coulda) had the shutout if not for Ryan Gosling Carl Hagelin’s uncalled goalie interference, but who cares?  The moment of “Oh God, not again!” panic when Gaborik scored with 50 seconds left passed, and the game was over.

Now we’ve all got Saturday Date Night with the Rangers and Caps at 7:30 PM.  Put on your dancing shoes!

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  1. Natalie Reply

    Saturday is my prom night and you best believe i will be in a corner with my phone refreshing the page non stop! =)

  2. Is that Dr. Blue Eyes doing that there interview?!?!? Can you page him for me? I need some of the energy that can ONLY come from staring into those baby blues! Hahaha

  3. That picture better be #1 on Hockey Hugs this week…just sayin – boy’s got ups.

  4. Cassy Reply

    Hang on a mo – Nicky and BROOKS did the whole “you look good” thing (like the Nicky & Fidget “you look good” thing I brought to your attention last year) and you DIDN’T POST IT ON MY FB TIMELINE STAT?!?!?

    They may have knocked out my team but #21 can kiss it better for me. No, really.

      • Good god Brooks, you are SUCH a Saskatchewanian. Next thing we know you’ll start uttering words like “Bunnyhug,” that you’re going for “supper,” and that you can buy a pack of gum for “two bits.”

        • I had to look up “bunnyhug” on Urban Dictionary (ironic for the least urban phrase ever?). Is it a hoodie? IS THIS REAL LIFE? Canada is the only thing that gets better every single day of my life.

          • Robin

            the pocket pouch on hoodies, that most people call “kangaroo pockets/pouches”? Yeah, I’ve always called them “bunny pouches.”

  5. Creative heckling is my FAVOURITE! Last summer at the Vancouver Canadians baseball game my friend and I were sitting behind these guys who gave us gems such as:

    (To the opposing catcher, who was very small) HOW TALL ARE YOU?! DOES YOUR MOM KNOW YOU’RE HERE?!


    Finally, just shouting SPOOOOOORRRRRTTTTSSSSSS!!!!! which my friends and I have adopted for all sporting events we attend.

  6. pointtakenhowever Reply

    Hi. I love your blog. I came for the pretty (googled “letang shirtless”) and stayed for the hockey. I love the penguins, love Ovechkin (I won’t even try to explain.) I’ve devoted my life to the NFL but have long been hockey curious so here I am…ready to learn.

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