You Give Us ABBA and I Raise You A LMFAO – Viktor

OK – SRSLY – I am so watching Tampa Bay now. Where have you been – Mr. Under the Radar.

I’m in love AGAIN! But that’s OK. It happens all the time. Y’all are used to it by now. With the hunt for Lord Stanley in full swing the rest of the World has this going on.

Look closely for the dancing ping pong players circling in the background. There are better things I can think of doing with those balls boys – just sayin’ if I was there.

Why can’t this get spread out … like over summer when there is a HUGE DROUGHT OF NOTHINGNESS going on?

Somewhere is Sweden there is a hotel packed to the gills with this hot mess happening (link). Varför kan inte detta vara mig på Viktor Hedmans knä?

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  1. Seriously, where has he been hiding?!?! I could look at that man & his amazing body ALL. DAY. LONG!!!! YUM. 😀

  2. MouthGuard Reply

    Good to know that Swedes still learn and perfect their English phonetically, to ABBA. The NHL has its time-honored traditions, but then again Sweden has their own “unique” set of traditions too.

    No way is Stevie Y giving this one up. Nope. Don’t even think it, Brian Burke.

  3. Oh HAI Sweden. It’s always nice to see you.

    Seriously – Gabriel Landeskog’s Swedish tweets ragging on Marcus Kruger + Google Translate are my favourite thing about the IIHF tournament, tied with Patrick Sharp’s hair.

    • Don’t forget Viktor Stalberg “forgetting” to fully button his shirt. Also – Viktor Hedman…thanks to this you’re officially off my sh*t list for concussing the Prince of Canada. Nicely done.

  4. Lorelei6903 Reply

    Hedman looks more like Robert Pattinson than Holtby does, IMO, especially in the second video where he can be seen more close up:P