Chewbacca and the Ewoks Sent Packing

Hey Shane, no need to get angry .. you’re moving on in the series but staying in Phoenix! You just won the Lottery!

For those of you keeping count, last night the Jawas sent Chewie and the Ewoks packing.

Ya just can’t mess with the force – dude.

I think there was a grand disturbance in the force when Chewie tapped into the dark side and smashed Hans Solo’s head into the boards in an earlier series and sometimes karmic galactic payback is a bitch.

Chewie will now be able to make it back to Kashyyyk in time to celebrate Life Day.

You shall not move … I command it.

The Jawas also found out from Palpatine, Lord of the Sith and Emperor of the Galactic empire, they will more than likely be staying in the desert. Details of the contract are still under wraps but my sources tell me it includes the souls of the all the incoming new players first-born girls (because ya know, they need the boys for future hockey players) and all the retirees in a 250 mile area. That should keep Lord Vader fed for a few more years.

Lord Vader Shanahan needs souls to keep doling out his brand of justice

That’s good news for Phoenix!

So now the Conference Finals are set for the West Coast – Phoenix vs. LA Kings.

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  1. 1) You’re crazy and 2) I love you. Bye bye to some of the wildest beards in the west though… good thing Chuck’s in lurrrrrve with the Kings facial hair!

  2. You guys make my geek heart so happy, first with the Princess Bride, now with the Star Wars, and best of all, the hockey. The posts are always a bright spot in my day, so thanks.
    Have you seen this? ( I hope the link works)

    • dawncherrie Reply

      Yes – that linked worked and was wtotes worthy of a post! see above – LOVED IT! 😉 THANKS!

  3. MouthGuard Reply

    Karma is indeed a bitch. 🙁 It’s gonna be a long, cruel summer for Smashville. The players and coaching staff need to look in the mirror long and hard when they’re shaving off their beards. And management needs a lobotomy and perhaps some sphincter bleach. No really.

    As for the Coyotes, good on them for getting farther than ever before – one howl at a time – and for picking a helluva good time to peak. Will be a terrific WCF. Battle of the goalies!