Mikey Monday: FTW

The only reasons to be awake at 7 AM on a Saturday are you’re 1) still up from the night before or 2) buying playoff hockey tickets.  I woke Gator up with a text and we debated (read: I peer pressured her).  Something was telling me to go.  The Force was communicating.  So we went.



Mike warmed up with his helmet on, which he never does.  I guess a 12:30 start didn’t give him enough time to do his hair (reason #3 for being up at 7 AM?).  It’s not as if he wakes up looking like this:

Worth every penny. (Thanks @jlrpuck, who dropped her camera after this one.)

First Ovi scored, and the Rangers scored.  Nicky scored, the Rangers scored.  Then with just under six left in the third, Mike did this:

Be still my beating heart.

I tackled Gator like a squid and we almost fell off the upper deck.  If any single voice in the Verizon Center was louder than mine, I challenge that person to a duel.  Mike Green goals are my favorite thing in the history of things.

If I had missed living that moment, I’d be devastated-while-ecstatic and I’m not sure how many feelings I can feel at the same time and survive.

It’s not just the goal.  It’s EVERYTHING.  Okay, maybe I’m overstating it, but Mike needs confidence.  He needs to trust the judgement that made him a 70-point scorer and two-time Norris trophy candidate.  Green stepping up on offensive plays can give this team a boost it doesn’t always find on the front line.  Nicky getting on the board feels awfully good too.

Piglet Power!

Here’s Mike’s post-game interview [link] and post-practice from Sunday [link].  I love his beard – this must be his real hair color (you know he dyes that hedgehog perfection).

From NewYorkTimes.com: Afterward, in the Capitals’ locker room, Green, 26, was reminded how he, Ovechkin, Backstrom and Alexander Semin were once called the Young Guns.

“We’re not that young anymore,” he said, smiling. “But it’s good to know we can still put it in the net.”

Yeah, that’s what I she said.

On the cover of today’s Washington Post Express – I love Mondays!

Game 5 tonight at 7:30 PM.  Listen for the screaming.

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  1. I know you ladies love Ovi, however, his hit to Girardi on Saturday was horrible. Ovi clearly left his feet and his shoulder made clear contact with Girardi’s head. Ovi should be “Shannaband” for 3 games at least, based on the hits to the head rule that you highlighted in the Gingeroux piece below. Ovi has great skill, but he is a repeat offender when it comes to cheap shots like this one. He is well known for leaving his feet on hits. After seeing his teammates Green and Nicky B struggle with concussions this year, you think he would concentrate on delivering more clean hits. Guess not.

    • I definitely don’t love Ovi. Heck, even Dawn called for him to get benched or traded this year. I might if he came to play all the time, but he doesn’t. I tolerate him mostly for the sake of the rest of the team. Sure I’m grateful when he scores, but he should be doing a lot more of that and other things, and doing them all season.

      The hit is obviously questionable and I’m surprised the NHL didn’t look at it. If Ovi kept his feet, I’d call it legal – Girardi is crouched a bit, so his head is at shoulder height, but that’s neither here nor there. Ovi definitely leaves his feet and that should be examined because Lord knows he has done that before. He’s been suspended 3 times in 3 seasons and fined twice.

      I don’t think it helped that right after the game Girardi said, “I think he hit my head a bit there, but I think it was the right call. My head’s kinda there and he hits it. I think he’s just playing the game hard, but I don’t know.” Of all the things the Rangers have made a stink about in recent months, this is one where I don’t think Torts should have kept his mouth shut. Maybe he’s sick of spending his kids’ inheritance on fines, but he would definitely have a point here.

      Here’s a dissected look from BleacherReport – http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1173801-nhl-playoffs-2012-why-ovechkin-wont-be-suspended-for-his-hit-on-girardi

  2. Despite my hatred for the Caps & my love for all players named Staal, I did feel bad for Joel Ward tonight. Bad break for a guy who seems like one of the good ones. On another note, where’s the love for Brooks Laich? He’s got some amazing blue eyes & a pretty good playoff beard going. Yep, I’m liking him. 🙂