The great oracle Orisis Jones was right as far as part of the West Coast goes:

That was our happy face after the sweep!

Not since 1993 have the LA Kings been to a conference final and that was when the Great One played for them – as in Wayne Gretzky.

WTF are the LA KINGS doing in the play-offs?

The Kings have swept the #1 and #2 seed and yet the astonishment abounds how a team with the 29th worst scoring record in the league manages to knock them off.

But that was before other brother Darryl Sutter took command. And all I can say is Capt. Dustin Brown’s mug shot makes him look like Dennis the Menace and I want to adopt him.

don’t let this sweet face trick you – he will destroy you on the ice

 And Kopitar, OMG – if the Capitals Captain and Assistant Captains – ahem – played like this – holy bejesus – Kopitar had some killer floor checks. He had four Blues on him while the rest of his team changed and still kept the puck in.

He had this fly save in the crease for Quick that was a game saver!

And still people have to ask why the LA KINGS are in the play-offs? Puppet Please?! It’s not just Drew Doughty that’s touched by god anymore.

Looks like just enough room for me guys!

These guys are en fuego in more ways than one. I’d marry them all and move to Utah with my harem! It’s not just play-off time, it’s pay-off time!

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  1. MouthGuard Reply

    You mean “TCOB” right? 😉

    For me, the highlight thus far is how this team is quietly just kicking the s**t out of everybody who was hyped up to win or expected to go very far. NBC is once again at a loss for what to do because they hardly read up on these guys. They even confused Jordan Nolan with Sidney Crosby AND Jordan Staal because they were still not even trying to hide their disappointment that it’s not the usual suspects hogging all the attention this far into the playoffs. I feel redeemed, personally, because I picked the Kings to go this far at beginning of the season. Everybody laughed at me, of course. As much as I would have preferred for the Blues to win at least a couple of games in this series, maybe now Coach ChickenLady will be getting the respect he deserves for turning this team around – just like Hitch righted the course for the Blues.

    Now they get to hurry up and wait…

    • dawncherrie Reply

      hahaha… thanks for the correction! took care of it! :0 I call him Nosferatu! 😉 But yes, that was HIGH-LARIOUS. Our Canadian friends say the TSN is much better in regards to announcing. I wanted to kick in the TV. I am getting weary of the left handed compliments. 🙁