All Hail Jarret Stoll!

 So the Kings making it past Vancouver was like this happening …

But my friends once in a blue moon dreams do come true! So taste the rainbow Kings fans!

And it was all because of the guy with the most AWESOME hair this side of the Mississippi! And I can attest from seeing it in person. HOLY CRAP! It deserves a post of its own – hell, it deserves a facebook page of its own. Le-swoon. Plus, who knew Jarret Stoll was snaggin’ hotties under the radar like this?


yes, that's super model Rachel Hunter with the newly dubbed, west coast - 'bigboy hair'

But what’s really important is what he does on the ice which is this:

But I’ll be honest, it’s nice that under all that is this too :

LA seems to agree with Mr. Stoll

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  1. If it took the Blackhawks AND Pens losing so that Vancouver would be eliminated, it was worth it. I figure it’s the universe’s way of telling me that I get ONE nice thing per playoffs. And I’ll take Vancouver losing EVERY SINGLE TIME.

    Plus who doesn’t LOVE their trolling Twitter handle?! I may have to take on cheering for LA to win – in addition to their spectacular social media showing, they have Stoll, Richards, Cart and Brown. Good enough for me!

    • MelTing Reply

      Dear Lindsay,
      I have very bad news for you. The Pens and Hawks losing was completely unrelated to the Canucks losing.
      In fact, the Pens and Hawks could have won their way to a Stanley Cup final game seven overtime, where after ten O/T periods, the teams would have dragged themselves exhausted onto the ice, and then Slapshot-style started removing their uniforms until Toews, Sharp, Letang and Neal all collapsed in a naked, writhing mass of sweaty, sinewy muscle. And the Canucks would still be out.

      Just sayin’.

  2. Sunday night was the one time I was happy the Oilers traded Stoll. He’s unbelievably underrated. Even with his arthritis.