Our Post from Puck Daddy: Joe Thornton’s Sasquatch; Brian Boyle is Inigo Montoya

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April 19, 2012 –This early in the Stanley Cup Playoffs, beards are like second-round berths and regulation wins – shiny hopes and dreams. It’s barely Week 2 and, at best, most players are sporting only peach fuzz or the beard equivalent of an off-season weekend bender.

Some have already grown all they’ll ever manage.

But a few prime specimens have begun to emerge as top contenders for the coveted Beard of the Year award. Can they go all the way? Or will they be forced, defeated and follicle-free, to the back nine before they have reached their full potential?

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  1. Michelle Reply

    Hot as all get out, fluorescent orange beard and all, I love me some gingeroux!

    • My thoughts exactly Michelle. And damn you, Pants, for converting me to the dark/orange side!!

      • Michelle Reply

        Pants/chuck are corruptors of hockey morals! Before I found them I was a good little Caps fan; never knew what players on other teams looked like. Claude Giroux? I pictured the French race car driver from the Ricky Bobby movie! Then WuYs featured him and I see he’s hotness on a stick! Literally!

    • Your beard is lazy and unmotivated.

  2. Libby Reply

    Well done, WUYS? team! I read you frequently, and then to see you on Puck Daddy today? Excellent.

  3. Cya Reply

    That picture is cracking me up. It looks like (is it Jumbo Joe?) trying to makeout with my computer screen. Congrats on the first of many PD articles!!

    • MouthGuard Reply

      It’s Shea Weber gettin’ his licks in (from last year). This year, he decided against the whole headstart thing and grew it from scratch when the playoffs commenced (as did Burnzie – I give you props for your fair play, Burnzie you poor sorry Shark, you!). He’s off and running now – and will catch up to Dumbo soon enough – but nobody’s excited about his beard this year for obvious reasons, eh? His Beardathon total is pretty sad, also. 🙁

      But how awesome that Kleiner’s art project on his face has finally been recognized! A very cool assortment/collage aux barbes for the first week, I must say. Jordan Staal’s Amish is also growing a LOT faster than it has in the past. Would you consider doing year-by-year compare and contrasts? That might be bizarrely interesting!

      Where do sideburns/chops fit in, if at all? If somebody’s got Danzig burns, does that count?

  4. Susan Reply

    This is awesome-it is nice to see you guys getting some love. I agree with Lindsay-you have made me a ginger fan!

  5. i’m digging boyle’s pirate look, but i must say i’m a little disappointed that we are being robbed of seeing his full-on beard potential (which in my mind is dark and full and glorious.)